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The good and the bad for dry hair


The good and the bad for dry hair

How can you separate the good ingredients from the bad ones in your hair products, life becomes
easy. Let us find out what is good and bad for your hair.

Hair loss treatments for Dry Hair

1. Minimum pH.
Look for shampoos, conditioners and hair loss treatment that have a low pH balance. They keep the
moisture locked in. Look for product labels that say ‘intense moisture’, ‘anti-aging’ or ‘thermal

2. Moisture products
Spray any moisture infused product from the roots to the ends and make it a point to use one. Brush
it instead of combing it. This will get the product on all the hair and protects it from heating tools
and the outside temperature.

3. Oil
Avacado oil argan oil, and olive oil work like miracle on dry, brittle hair. You can find these in
many styling gels and hair creams and lotions.

4. Conditioners
Select a deep conditioner which has humectants, emollients, or conditioning agents. This helps
retain moisture:
Glycerin, Glyceryl stearate, Propylene glycol , Sodium lactate , Sodium PCA
Few alcohols: Cetearyl alcohol, Cetyl alcohol, Stearyl alcohol
Fatty alcohols also known as “oily” help in conditioning your locks. Rule of thumb: say yes, to the
alcohols that start with “c” and “s.”

Enemies of Dry Hair

Deep conditioner : Deep-conditioning hair treatments are essential for anyone who has dry hair.
You can try it once each month in a salon and during the other weeks you can give yourself the
treatment at home.

Fragrance: The more fragnance in your shampoo, conditioner, or hair spray, the more tragic effect
it has on your dry hair. A fresh and clean scent is better than the scented one in the long run.

Few alcohols: Some alcohol is good for dry hair whereas others are not. If you already have dry
hair, stay away from those that include “prop” in their name. Some examples, Isopropyl alcohol, Propanol, Propyl alcohol, SD alcohol 40.

If you are facing hair loss issues, visit a dermatologist to get the right hair loss treatment. Some of
the popular hair loss treatments includes laser light therapy and ultrasonic hair repair therapy. Laser Light Therapy is an approved hair loss treatment.

About the Author:
Jasmine Bilimoria is a research writer and contributor with Guci Image. Guci Image is a New Jersey-based hair loss treatments and Hair Extensions center, whose worldwide services and technologies are aimed at resolving any kind of hair loss problems.

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