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Black Entrepreneur Spotlight Series

We would greatly appreciate it if you could tell us a little about your company.

Compassionate, Zealous, Visionary and Inspiring are just a few of the words that describe Jasmine Crowe, an MBA graduate who is working to make the world a better place one cause at a time. Born in Texas and growing up as a military child, she has resided in Texas, Oregon, New Mexico, Arizona, and North Carolina where she attended high school in Charlotte and college at North Carolina Central University in Durham.

Jasmine is driven to make the world a better place. Her goal is to foster change and create awareness about the leading socioeconomic issues and challenges of today, like poverty, health, education and hunger. In 2011 she founded BCG, the idea for the site came from the vivid awareness of a lack of media coverage for black celebrities doing positive things to impact our communities.

The site is frontier in providing news, videos, exclusive interviews and photos of celebrity philanthropy, nonprofit organizations and causes that directly correlate with the black community. A true grassroots movement in the community BCG is bridging the gap, giving back and informing thousands of causes and ways to take action on social change. Today BCG has hosted activations in more than 30 US cities, Haiti and the UK. She has collected and donated over 2 million items to causes worldwide. The organization creates and hosts national cause campaigns to benefit a myriad of causes.

Most known for their Sunday Soul initiative which hosts pop-up restaurants for the homeless and senior citizens. Today the initiative has provided over 40,000 meals in five cities. Jasmine has always enjoyed volunteer work and has aligned with causes that include: going green, literacy, childhood obesity, cancer research, high school dropout prevention and countless other causes close to her heart. She is the creator and executive producer of ChangeMakers a half hour documentary series profiling how celebrities use their star power for social change which premiered on Magic Johnson’s network ASPIRE! In 2016 she created a real-time food rescue app, Goodr in an effort to reduce food waste and eliminate hunger.

The app rescues surplus food from businesses and directs it to soup kitchens, shelters and nonprofits. Jasmine recently wrote her first children’s book titled, Giving is Good, which teaches youth the importance of giving back. A resident of Atlanta, GA and an avid traveler, Jasmine believes she is truly living a purpose driven life.

What was your child hood aspirations?

I wanted to be a teacher at one point that’s what I originally went to college for, I also loved the idea of media and so I settled on communications. I know I always wanted to help people, I knew that at a very young age.

Can you give our readers a quick answer on business advice ?

You have to want it and figure out the best way to be successful in your field. Keep the desire and mission to guide you when things get rough. You have to wake up with the same passion everyday, regardless of your bank account, if you are in it for the long run. If you can’t do that entrepreneurship is not got you

What was your toughest challenge?

I think I have had to overcome hearing no and not losing hope. Learning to keep going has allowed me to overcome all the set backs.

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