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Hairstyles for black women

Hairstyles for black women, because of their unique  hair type, need to be natural and very specific. Though braids are the most popular and garner maximum attention, there are other styles too that are equally great. Black women hairstyles are extremely fashionable, since they experiment a lot with their hair. From sweet short and lòng to thick tresses, they always find a style for every occasion.

Goddess Braids

Depending on their style, goddess braids can last as long as six months without any problem. Because of their versatility, these incredible braids can be styled in various ways. Women with good face features should attempt to don this style at least once in a lifetime.

Hairstyles for black women

Hairstyles for black women 2

Goddess Braids

Kinky twists

A cool hairstyle is not limited to braiding only. An easy and affordable option is twists, which are considered to be an alternative to braids. Kinky twists are not only diverse, they provide a unique and protective hairstyle for black women. American black women have a kinky texture, hence this style suits them most. There are various ways to wear twists in formal settings and dates as well.

Hairstyles for black women Hairstyles for black women

Hairstyles for black women 3

Hairstyles for black women 4

Updos for natural hair

The ideal hairstyle to wear in the summer months when the temperatures are high. With a few twists and braids one can easily try out updos for natural hair. There are a list of updos on offer, and one can simply choose one that suits your temperament.

Updos for natural hair

Hairstyles for black women 5

Hairstyles for black women 6

 Box braids

The style in vogue among Afro-American women is without doubt the box braid hairstyle. The special hair type of black women makes them prone to complications. Their hair curls naturally, hence it requires a lot of care and attention. So to make life easy, go for box braids for a couple of months and feel the difference.

box braids

Hairstyles for black women 7

Hairstyles for black women 8

Undercut hairstyles

Though extremely popular with men, the bold undercut hairstyles are becoming increasingly sought after by women, especially black women too. Since this is a stand apart style, women tend to project themselves in a bold way on the streets. Opinions differ on whether the women tend to look manly, but experience says that this a new way for a woman to display their strong personality.

Undercut hairstyles

Hairstyles for black women 9

Hairstyles for black women 10

Medium hairstyles

Mid length or medium hairstyles, though suitable for all types of hair, are most suited to black women. The only thing to look for is naturally curly unruly look. You can opt for natural medium bob or straightened bob, depending on the venue of your visit. A high shine cream will do wonders to straighten your hair to impart a shiny and sleek look. This medium bob hairstyle is incidentally, a big draw with black celebrities.

Medium hairstyles

Hairstyles for black women 11

Hairstyles for black women 12

Hair tattoos

Hair tattoos are for those black women who are looking for something different. With a combination of hair colours, these styles look all the more stunning. These intriguing haircuts can can be done in various designs and ways.

Hair tattoos

Hairstyles for black women 13

Hairstyles for black women 14

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