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Heart attack arm pain

Pain in the arm can be as a result of many reasons, ranging from a pulled muscle to a possible heart attack. Though pain in the left arm is usually linked to something serious, it is not always possible to associate it with an impending heart attack. There are several indicators which however can detect the potentially deadly sign of such a disaster.

Left arm pain and chest pain

Though not considered to be really dangerous, any pain in the left arm in association with heaviness in the chest, requires an immediate medical check up. This is because it is difficult to analyse on the outside whether the pain can be dangerous, hence a thorough scan by the physician is the best remedy.

Other symptoms

Heart related symptoms have proved to be an enigma, even with veteran heart specialists. This is due to the fact that heart related signs are not apparent even with persons suffering from severe heart disease. A heart attack may occur even without the display of any tell tale signs. At times even unnoticed symptoms like shortness of breath, dizziness or nausea can be a sign of a forthcoming heart attack, rather than the excruciating pain linked with it. If any of the above symptoms occur, accompanied by pain in the left arm, then this leads to a possible heart ailment.

Persistent pain

If there is continuous pain in the left arm, then it is normally not related to a problem of the heart. There could be presence of other diseases like, arthritis or rotator cuff tendinitis being plaguing the individual for years without any link to a heart problem. Even sharp and quick attacks need not be thought of as a heart attack as these could have been brought about by sudden movements of the body.


Any pain in the left arm which tends to increase with activity and lessens due to relaxation calls gor prompt medical attention. If the arm is not numb and the pain is deep inside then it is a sign of a heart disease. Sudden left arm pain, especially when the body is relaxed and at rest are indicators of an unstable heart condition.

Pain brought about by moving the left arm should not be deemed to be a serious issue. Clear answers to this vexing problem have not been easy to find. While a sudden stabbing pain or one that is continuing for a long time is less likely to result in a heart attack, rather than pain around the jaw that spreads to the left arm. The bottom line is early diagnosis to keep your heart healthy and safe. The sooner you check in, the earlier you can undertake artery opening operation to save the heart from permanent damage.

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