Hip Hop Evolution on Netflix

This article will be short and mostly to the point. I am currently watching Hip Hop Evolution on Netflix, yes Im what the youngins call an “Old Head” lol. I am writing this article for all young people, especially aspiring hip hop artists. If you guess are interested in learning about the history of hip hop and it’s origins. Hip Hop Evolution is an excellent study on hip hops evolution.

I don’t want to sound like the old man telling the neighborhood kids to get off the lawn. I just think if hip hop is something that artists would like to pursue and make a career out of it. It is best to know the history of your craft. A lot of rappers/hip hop artists know who Elvis is, but have no clue about Run DMC. Hip Hop Evolution is an excellent documentary which consist of 4 episodes. Aspiring hip hop artists, “Let’s go to School”


Author: Black Coffy

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