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Hope's Crossing

Tell us a little about your company

Hope’s Crossing, a 501(c) 3 organization, was founded in 2010 to meet the needs of women in transition from prison, addictions or homelessness to a life of work, family and community.  Hope’s Crossing offers job skills training, housing referrals and, most importantly, a program of emotional support geared toward creating a new belief system that promotes whole and healthy living.  Through our unique, comprehensive approach, we give women all the tools they need for a new beginning and to become personally and economically sustainable.

Over the past seven years, Hope’s Crossing has assisted hundreds of women of all ages develop self worth-worth, personal accountability and restoration of hope in the family.    We seek to prevent substance abuse, chronic unemployment and recidivism in order to develop that self-worth which strengthens families and improve our community.

We have recently expanded our program to serve women in our veteran community provide support services on their journey to return to civilian life.  Our focus is the strengthen the individual, support the family, to rebuild the community.

Our premier program, Fundamentals of Freedom, is a 21 week life skills training program designed to inspire, empower and create hope in the lives of women striving to reclaim their life, reconnect with their families and thrive in life.  Quite simply, we are accompanying women on a journey to emotional, physical and mental health and wholeness.

Our core values are that every women;

  • deserved to be treated with dignity and respect
  • deserve the opportunity to reintegrate back into their community
  • has the right to an equal opportunity for sustainable employment and safe housing
  • deserve a pathway to family reunification

What was your child hood aspirations

My child hood aspirations were very focused on becoming a professional athlete.  Volleyball was my sport and I was a very well trained and high performing student athlete.  Those dreams and aspirations were side tracked by the birth of my first child and marriage at the age of 18 years old.   After a 6 year distraction, I found myself in a career in the field of healthcare.  The healthcare industry is where my professional career came to life.  Business development, IT, Finance and Operations were area’s of business I thrived in and have designed my career around this profession.

Can you give our readers a quick answer on business advice?

Advice I would like to share with your readers is this.  The most important set of skills you can have in business is to acquire a strong leadership brand.  What I have found throughout my career, strong leadership skills are transferable throughout any industry, corporate business or entrepreneurship.

 Strong leaders are great communicators, prepared to make timely decisions, good manager of people, processes and systems and operate with honesty and integrity.   Strong leaders always remain teachable and are always ready to teach.

What was your toughest challenge?

My toughest challenge I have experienced in life was how to rise out of the grief and loss of my husband and not only carry forth his legacy, but to step fully into my purpose and continue operating Hope’s Crossing.  In 2013,  the sudden death of my husband and confidant, left me running Hope’s Crossing independently.   No one can ever be prepared for such a loss, but how you respond to this traumatic experience can make or break you.

Hope's Crossing 2

Laura C.  Bulluck

Chief Executive Officer

Hope’s Crossing

830 N 1st Ave.  Ste #212- Phoenix, Az  85003

(602) 795-8098 – Office



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