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How To Connect Three Basic Types Of Headphones To Your Laptop

 How To Connect Three Basic Types Of Headphones To Your Laptop

Besides gamers for whom quality headphones are the crucial element to keeping the peace about the house, most laptop users also know how to connect their headphones to the laptop or at least they think they know. However, those who desire optimal sound from their headphones in terms of music, videos, and films and who unfortunately don’t have much experience with technology or working with computers can encounter issues when trying to connect new headphones. 

Of course, if you have little experience and you wish to play it safe, you can always pay a visit to a laptop service center and ask them to do it for you. This might be a smarter decision that you think because they can also perform all diagnosed laptop repairs so you can get them to check for any issue while you are there. However, if you wish to learn how to connect the headphones to the laptop yourself, here is a simple guide based on three types of headphones. 

Type 1: Wired headphones 

Personal preferences aside, wired headphones may be the simplest for handling when it comes to connecting them with your laptop. They come with a 3.5mm jack that is usually inserted on the side of the laptop. If there is a microphone on the headphone, you need to keep in mind that the green jack is for the headphones and the pink is for the microphone so that you would where each jack needs to go.

The beauty of wired headphones is that no matter the operating system you are using, the process should be automatic. If not, first check if you have placed the jack all the way in and move the knob that controls the sound to turn it up. Naturally, if you notice any damage to the wires, you need to return the headphones immediately and ask for others.

 How To Connect Three Basic Types Of Headphones To Your Laptop

Type 2: USB headset

An inexperienced laptop user eager to listen to some music without their family members passing judgment on their taste will probably have no major issues with connecting a USB headset to their laptop. The rectangular end can be usually fitted into the side of your laptop and don’t worry if you only manage to put it in on the third try (although there are only two possible positions) – lots of people encounter this problem.

When it comes to the responsiveness, it should usually work from the start regardless of whether you have a Mac OS or Windows OS. Don’t forget to check whether the sound is turned up and whether your USB is placed all the way to the port. If your USB headset doesn’t work, then it could be that you are missing the necessary drivers. If you find manual search of the drivers complicated, you might want to rely on TweakBit Driver Updater or similar tools to find them for you. 

 How To Connect Three Basic Types Of Headphones To Your Laptop

Type 3: Bluetooth headphones

Bluetooth technology has been around for some time now so the idea of not accidentally lifting the entire laptop when we stand up forgetting that we have (wired) headphones on our heads is quite appealing. That would also mean the end of untangling wires and having to be close to the source of the sound.

But first things first, you need to check whether your laptop has built-in Bluetooth technology. If it doesn’t, you shouldn’t be worried since it is fairly easy to resolve this situation by purchasing a Bluetooth Dongle. This small device comes with an installation manual and you need to plug it to your USB port and then install it. In case you encounter some difficulties, you can always go to a laptop service center and ask for help.

 How To Connect Three Basic Types Of Headphones To Your Laptop


There is no ultimate solution and different people favor different types of headphones for miscellaneous purposes. Most people care more about whether the headphones are on the ear, over it or in the ear. All of them have their pros and cons depending on how you use them so for instance, joggers would most likely go with in-ear buds because they stay in place despite all the moving, while somebody watching a film late at night might prefer over-ear headphones since they may be more comfortable for them.

When you finally choose your headphones, if you are unsure how to connect them, you have the option of having somebody take care of that or trying to learn how to do it by yourself. We say that you should go with the second option because it is not that complained, and in case you still need help, you can always have a laptop service center do it for you. 

Bily Bum is an electrical engineer, tech, and gaming fan with 15 years of experience in the technology world. He is also a contributor on site Technivorz.


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