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Living on the Beach – The Resort Luxury Lifestyle

Living on the Beach - The Resort Luxury Lifestyle

It’s not less than a dream to spend your high life on luxury Beach, now being part of Dubai you can also enjoy this luxury lifestyle by living on the oceanfront and witnessing the high tide and low tide in front of your eyes. The luxurious and amazing skyscrapers have formed chic and coastal Riveria with apartments of beachfront. There is huge, elegant and impressive development from sunny isles beach to JBR beach along the all Marina coast.

The JBR beach and Dubai Marina waterfront are wonderful examples of these amazing developments. These luxurious and mega buildings were established century with the mindset of bringing comfort and luxury of the city at one place on the beach. What an amazing idea!!!

The main idea is to have your home in the style of the resort with all the luxuries of the high life. Living on the ocean with all the basic amenities of life is not less than a heaven. Fitness clubs with all the latest equipment and luxurious swimming pool is part of this high living. You close your eyes with ocean waves sound and open your eyes with the beautiful sun shining on the beach water. The main idea of these waterfront community is to have a fresh, peaceful and healthy lifestyle. Don’t think it’s boring to live on Beach, you can make your life much action and enjoyable.

Dubai is known for its best nightlife, amazing shopping experience, many marinas, and golf courses. The sunny Jumeirah beach is the one where you can have the best luxurious resort lifestyle with beachfront condos. This beachfront heaven has different living options such as ranging from one bedroom to 5 bedroom luxurious and spacious homes. You can have access to all the basic amenities like spa, gym with ocean view, swimming pools, and business center. The area is also close to the shopping complex such as the Dubai Mall and Mall of Emirates. What else you need in life?

Dubai Beach is the only beach where you can see the luxurious living style is at the peak. You can witness this by living in a building of Marina waterfront, they are at the highest level of luxury lifestyle. It’s not that you can’t find any affordable option, there are many such as on sunny isles waterfront towers and beach condos. They also have great amenities, ocean view with superb location but they are good value for money and one can easily enjoy the living here.

Once you are in Dubai don’t worry, you can find beach condo as per your price range and taste. If you want to spend more, you can have lavish condos. if you want something in the mid-range with the more peaceful and calm surrounding, you can get lots of options. Beach condos with a high price per square feet are on the south beach side especially the continuum and the Apogee which are highly priced. But the lifestyle is amazing and has no comparison to the rest of the buildings. You have direct access to the ocean; you can enjoy the beach view 24/7 in a peaceful and calm environment.

Thus no doubt, Dubai Beach villas are full of life. You actually witness what a luxury beach life is. You can get condos of your preference and price range. It doesn’t mean that you can get some cheap condos here, not at all, you can get some affordable ones but of course, they will not give you beach view and ocean access like the expensive condos with a luxurious lifestyle.

Living on the Beach – The Resort Luxury Lifestyle

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