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Luxury Travel In Belize (San Pedro)

San Pedro is an island in Belize that Madonna made famous when she referred to it in her hit song “La Isla Bonita” in 1987. In her live performances during those days, Madonna would not forget to sing this song. Perhaps her song has a big role in making San Pedro a tourist mecca of sorts. Today, this place is still popular for its gorgeous beaches, scores of diving sites, wonderful hotels and luxurious travel destinations.Luxury Travel In Belize (San Pedro)

Belize is formerly called the British Honduras and San Pedro is the largest town in the Ambergris Caye. The stunning view of the Caribbean and the beautiful beaches in the island attract tourist all over the world. English is the primary language spoken here although Spanish and Creole are also spoken by its natives. If you are on a luxury travel to San Pedro, Belize, you need to read this article.

How To Reach San Pedro By Luxury

You can fly first class to Belize to reach San Pedro in the most luxurious way. There are several US gateways that you can use to reach Belize non-stop. Or you can choose to go to Miami (if you are near this place) for a 2 hour non-stop travel to the islands. There are flights to Belize coming from Washington, D.C., New York, Los Angeles, Charlotte and Atlanta. If you’re in Canada, you can catch a flight to Belize in Toronto.

Your airplane to Belize will likely land at Philip Goldson International Airport. It is located about 10 miles Northwest of Belize City. From this airport, you can take a connecting flight to San Pedro. There are travellers who prefer to fly to Cancun before flying to Belize if they want to save some airfare. But since you are on a luxury tour, this should only be a second option.

However, if you want to experience Belize first-hand, you can consider travelling to San Pedro over-land. There are tour packages which usually include a few stop-overs on the road as you negotiate the route to San Pedro. Travel by air from the far ends of the United States to Belize will take about 30 or so hours. So, be prepared for a very long flight. The air carriers that serves Belize include Delta Airways, direct from Los Angeles and Atlanta, US Air, direct from Charlotte, American Airlines, direct from Miami and Dallas, Grupo Taca (El Salvador), direct form Miami and Houston, and United – direct from Houston.

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What Are The Top Hotels In San Pedro?

If you are on a luxury tour to San Pedro, Belize, you need to stay in one of its top hotels. Here are the top 5 hotels that most tourists with money go to in San Pedro.

    1. El Secreto – this luxury hotel is listed as the number one in Best Value hotel out of 115 hotels in San Pedro. It is located at 11 Miles North of San Pedro Town. Some tourists have referred to it as a place for “relaxation in Paradise.”


    1. Gran Caribe Belize Resort and Condominiums – this luxurious hotel is regarded as number two in Best Value hotel out of 115 accommodations in San Pedro. Gran Caribe is located at 2 Miles North of San Pedro Town. One of its tenant claim that it has “fabulous accommodations.”


    1. Las Terrazas Resort – this top-rated hotel is voted number three out of 115 hotels in San Pedro. It is located at Barrier Reef Drive, San Pedro. Some of its tenants say this place is good for a “little more action, fun and luxury.”


    1. Mahogany Bay Resort & Beach Club, Curio Collection by Hilton – this luxury hotel is regarded as number four in Best Value out of 115 hotels in San Pedro. Mahogany Bay is located at Sea Grape Drive, San Pedro. One of its occupants say that it is a “5 Star Luxury Resort on Ambergris Caye.”


    1. Brahma Blue Resort – out of 115 hotels in San Pedro, this hotel was voted as number five. This place is located at number 12 Coconut Drive, Ambergris Caye, San Pedro. Some tourists say that it is an “amazing getaway in the island.”


What Are The Top Luxurious Things To Do In San Pedro?

For sure, there are a lot of things you can do to spend your time in San Pedro, Belize. But if you are looking for a luxurious experience in this place, these activities should be on the top of your list.

    1. Engage On Water Sports – this is the time for you to engage in water sports that is out of your typical humdrum activities. San Pedro offers lots of exciting water sports. You can try out your hands in Jet Ski or in a wave runner. If you happen to be there in October to March, you can go wind surfing. Parasailing is also available at one of the resorts in San Pedro. If that doesn’t excite you, perhaps kite surfing, kayaking or canoeing will. If you want to dive but haven’t dived before, you can also join a diving class to be able to enjoy the beautiful underwater views of the islands. You can do all these things in San Pedro if you really have money to spend. Just be sure that your physical health is up to it.


    1. Experience the night life in San Pedro – this is a time for you to lovely enjoy night outs. You will love the night life in San Pedro. There are several night joints in this place that are popular for their nightly entertainments. You can also ask the locals in the hotel where you are staying for the best places where you can enjoy your night outs.


    1. Day Tours are exciting in San Pedro – there are several packaged day tours that are offered by tour agencies in this place. Some of the most popular tourist attractions include Hol Chan Marine Reserve and Share Ray Alley. There are sailing and snorkeling tour packages that you can choose to participate in. Sightseeing tours are also offered in San Pedro, These include food tours, boat trips, land tours to historical sites and many more.


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