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Make Every Look Your Best Look…

To many this might be easier said than done, however, it is possible. I am here to share with you some of the things I think about when I approach styling for myself or a client.

1. What’s the occasion?

2. What’s in my closet?

3. What’s my budget?

4. How do I feel?

What’s the occasion?

Knowing the event you’re attending is very important. No one wants to be that individual who gets turned away because your style is too casual when it required a formal attire. I recommend, doing a little research, read the invitation carefully or ask the host ahead of time about whether it is a Formal, Casual or open attire event. Waiting for the last minute to complete any of the aforementioned can be chaotic. When you are dressed appropriately for an occasion it shows respect for the host.

What’s in my closet?

As a Fashion Stylist, I always “Fashion Dive” in my closet before I go shopping for new clothing. By doing this it can save you time and money. It can also reduce the amount of clothing you acquire which in the end saves closet space.

What’s my budget?

It is always a great idea to consider what your budget is before going shopping. Keep in mind some of the options you pulled from your closet, then try to think of ways you can add pieces while staying within your budget. Trying to stay within your budget shows how serious you are about not over-spending unnecessarily. One thing that helps me to stay within the set budget when I’m shopping is to add prices after I’ve decided on an item. Doing so and rounding up to the nearest dollar gives you a sense of awareness of how much you are spending. This can be done by using the calculator on your phone or if you’re great with numbers this will be a breeze.

How do I feel?

Feeling you best, helps you to look your best. Whenever I create a look I always complete the “Style Check”. I subconsciously ask myself, “Does this look show who I am without trying to mirror the fashion “norm” in society”. By doing self-checks it helps you to boost your confidence. Being confident in what you’re wearing is always a plus when it comes to your personal style. It also helps you interact with those around you without worrying about what others think of your personal style. Your style will always be uniquely you.

Here’s a recent style I created for myself. I was invited to attend a social event as a Fashion Blogger.

My look included:

Black Beret, Velvet Top and nude shoes – I already had in my closet

Shopping Budget – $40.00

Shopping Bag

Distressed Jeans, $14.99
Velvet Belt, $9.99
Nude Lip Gloss $4.00.
Total $28.98 (Before Tax).

I stayed within my budget and created a style that I was very confident in wearing, which helped while networking at the event.

See my look here: (Under Blog Jewelry & Mimosas)

Please remember to always stay true to your sense of style. I hope these tips shared helps you the next time you’re trying to create a personal style. You are now ready to make every look you create, your very best look.

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