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Minimum Wages To Increase In 19 States In 2017


Minimum Wages To Increases In 19 States In 2017

2017 will be a good start for mimimum wage employees. 19 states are set to increase minimum wages next year. It is saddening that our federal government could not mandate an increase on minimum wages. I do commend the states for stepping up for minimum wage workers.

While at a time when congressmen and women are constently voting in raises for one another on capital hill. They continuously ignored increasing minimum wages for many years. Not just republicans, democrates as well. So I do appreciate the states for doing whats right for the everyday worker.

Here is a breakdown on minimum wages in 2017

CBS News reports that Massachusetts and Washington state will have the highest new minimum wages in the country, at $11 per hour. New York City will also see wages rising to $11 but the rates will be less in the suburbs and elsewhere in the state. California will raise its living wage to $10.

The outlet reports that voters in Arizona, Maine, Colorado and Washington approved increases in this year’s election. And seven other states—Alaska, Florida, Missouri, Montana, New Jersey, Ohio and South Dakota—are automatically raising the wage based on indexing.

The minimum wage will also go up in 22 cities and counties, including San Diego, San Jose and Seattle this weekend.

I would like to thank Fightfor15 movement , fast food workers, and home health care workers for their activism in pushing this law forward.


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