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Modern Hair Styles for African American Women

Choosing the right hair style is a crucial thing especially for young girls. The right hair style which suits the face adds to the personality of the individual. African American girls are particularly conscious about their hairstyle. Their hair is very different from the majority. It is different in the form, texture and color. It is frizzy, unruly and curly all over. Not all hairstyles will suit such hair, so they need to carefully choose their hairstyle. Teen age girls display versatile hairstyles that range from curly to straight haircut.
Let us check out some modern hair cut for African American teen age girls:

Faux Hawk

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A slight change from the traditional Mohawk is called Faux Hawk. It gives the impression of Mohawk even without shaving the hair from the sides of the head. In this haircut the hair on one side or both sides of the head may be flat twisted. It can be put into cornrows, or slicked back to give the look. It is particularly suitable for black teenage girls.


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In this hairstyle natural hair strands are allowed to mat or  tangle together in to larger strands. Dreadlocks can be thick or skinny locks. Teenage girls can make pony tails, buns and French twists out of dreadlocks.

Braided glory

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From the front to the back hair can be made into braids. At the back the braids should be given the shape of hair and these braids can be tied at the back near neck.

Braided Mohawk

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Braids can be made at different parts of the head. They are then taken to the top of the head, are tied and are taken to the back side of the head. One braid can be left to go down on one side to give a beautiful look.

Sweet heart braids and twists

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In this hairstyle braids are made from front to the back. They can be given the shape of a heart with braids at the top of the head. Rest of the braids can be tied at the back with rubber band or ribbon.

Fish tail locks

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Hair on the front side can be taken to make a braid like fish tail lock. This fish tail lock goes along forehead, side and over the top of the head.

Senegalese twists

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The long hair can be made into a lot of twists and can be taken over the head. These braids can be tied into a bun twisted with each other.

Side swept fish tail

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A small section can be made of the hair on one side. That hair can be taken down. On one side the hair can be made in the form of a fish tail. This is a wonderful hair style for an African American teenage girl.

Micro braids

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A lot of tiny braids can be made of the curly hair. These braids can be taken to the back and to the sides. A large number of braidsmay add to the personality of young girls.

Havana twist

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This is a simple hair style where lot of braids are made from all sections of the head like a rope. They are taken to the back side. This is an elegant style for black girls.

Kinky twists updo

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A large number of tiny braids are made. They are taken to the top of the head and then twisted around the head. This looks really amazing.

Unique side of livie

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Take the hair to the back side after nicely combing it. Take side layers of hair also to the back and give them the shape of a big scattered braid.

Like a crown

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Make different sections of the hair and give them different shapes of braids. They will altogether look like a crown on the head.

Curls are perfect for young African American girls. The entire head should not be curled though. The ends of a young girl’s pony tails can be curled to give an awesome look. The bangs can be curled.

Braids are suitable for children who are of the age six and above. Corn rows styles look neat for those who have healthy long hair. Braids should not be too tight. Very tight braids are generally painful and they cause hair loss. Hair styles are generally fun, that too for the kind of hair African American girls have. Those girls lengthen their hair with weaves and hairpieces, but they avoid using wigs. There are different styles in braids which teenage girls try out. Hair styles constantly undergo changes. No style stays for a longer period. New styles are getting evolved as time goes by and the young girls are specifically interested in trying the newer styles. They could be zig zag parts, braids or single braids. Majority of the African American girls leave their hair loose in elementary schools. While they are in teens they start experimenting with different hairstyles. A nice hair style adds immensely to an individual’s personality, hence it is worthwhile to carefully choose one’s hairstyle.

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