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Move Your Chandelier and Living Room Furniture without Breakage



Move Your Chandelier and Living Room Furniture without Breakage

All of us know very well how critical and delicate moving a chandelier or any other lighting equipment can be. The chandelier is all glass and other fragile material, which is difficult to move without proper precautionary measures. If you need to move such a frail and breakable thing from one place to another, you can rely only on very professional and competent Fairfax VA movers. It is the same case with antiques and other furniture. Like wood and iron made items need a scratch free moving. Let us see what tips and clever ways we can adopt for such type of moving:

Always Hire Professional and Expert Fairfax VA Movers

The best suggestion for chandelier moving is that you should never rely on an ordinary moving service for such delicate handling. It can be done properly only by an experienced one. So always check out whether the company you are going to hire has relevant experience or not.

Chandelier Handling is the Most Subtle of all Moving Tasks

You need to disjoin it carefully before packing. In addition, equipment is very much important. Surely, you cannot move a chandelier without special packaging, moving trolleys, and lifting equipment. Therefore, any negligence in hiring the moving company can cost you a very exorbitant, beautiful, and magnificent home decoration item.

Special Chandelier Packers are Available

You can have special chandelier Packers who particularly offer this service. First, this service requires removing and disjointing all the crystal and other expensive fittings. Their specialty and experience of handling will be much superior in this regard. They must have special packing boxes/crates. Rather hiring such a specific service is better to bother normal Fairfax movers. The special chandelier packers and movers will be fully capable of packing and moving the delicate item. Click here to read about what materials are useful for packing delicate Chandeliers.

Chandelier Packers most of the time use packing tissue for keeping safely the crystals and beads. In addition, they use foam padding to keep the item safe from swaying and jerk while transporting. Moreover, they must write the word “fragile” prominently on the pack so all the staff handles it carefully.

Furniture Moving Without Breakage and Damage

Wooden furniture and others made from other materials are also delicate. You do not at all want to damage or lose your furniture. So, talk to your moving company beforehand about all types of belongings. In addition, do check their moving and lifting equipment like cranes, ramps. Consider your options if your furniture needs moving from upper floor or stairs. You can check out with different Fairfax VA movers and choose the best, in order to have a damage free, smooth, and professional moving service.

Some furniture may need secure packing with soft packing material and foam padding to avoid jolts. Heavy items like dining tables may require disassembling. Separate the drawers from tables and mounts; it makes moving the table easier.

See if the chandelier and living room furniture is an item that needs extra ordinarily care while moving. It might be an antique item worth lots. To wrap things up, it is important to insist that you only let experienced movers handle the delicate items.


Glass made and other fragile items need special precautionary measures to avoid any damage during a move. Do talk to your Fairfax VA movers for details.


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