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A New Spin on “I Spy”

A New Spin on “I Spy” 2

As a kid I loved playing “I Spy” while riding in the car, so I was pretty excited when my youngest son took a liking to the game.

Back in the day we “spied” objects, buildings, cars, etc. And that worked for a little while with my son but we soon found that, due to the speed at which we drove, it was too difficult to find the object before we passed it. So we changed it up.

Now we spy words. My son will be in kindergarten next year and has started reading and learning site words so the “I Spy” words edition works great for him.

All we do is say: I spy with my little eyes S-T-O-P. What word did I spy?

It is easy and fun for him. It is helping reinforce his site words as well as his listening skills because he has to really pay attention to the letters in order to know what word to look for and visual learning because he still searches for the word as we’re driving down the street. If we are in an area with few signs we just make up the words we “spy.”

The “I Spy” Words edition has been a great addition to our car rides!

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