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Starting A Business? Making It Big By Thinking Small

You might think some of the most successful websites online are the huge “authority” sites covering broad subjects. Social media sites like Facebook make a killing, but what about Twitter? Amazon and eBay make a fortune too, but what about other commerce sites? Is it possible to make any money with niche products? Today I’m going to show you how niche marketing websites can actually be just as successful, if not MORE successful than large, broad topic sites.

Starting A Business? – Thinking Small And Winning Big

You’ve probably heard before that it’s better to be a big fish in a small pond than the other way around. I’ve said it before and it’s one of my main messages in my online business training. Plain and simple, success is going to be a lot easier for those who pick a niche and stick to it, growing their sites to becoming the best sites in any given niche.

Do you think that if you were to start a broad website today, on a huge subject like “fitness”, anybody would be able to find it six months from now? You might get some people coming over from social networks to have a look, but there’s no way Google would give you any rankings over those sites already established.

Pick a small subcategory of fitness though, say “working out at home”, and you’re going to find yourself making a name for yourself a lot sooner. There are only a couple of hundred other websites out there in the whole world dedicated to something so specific, and you can beat them all.

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Becoming An Expert On One Thing

The key to winning with your website isn’t to blog about as many different subjects as possible, and promote every product under the sun in the hopes of “catching” a sale. You only need to master ONE thing, and become an authority or expert on ONE subject, and all the people in the world interested in that thing will listen to you.

That’s much more powerful than being considered average in everything. It’s much more lucrative too.

There’s so many different people in the world, any niche website can grow into a profitable business. Learn to connect with them, and your online business will become something unstoppable.

Size Matters, But Not How You’d Think

The simple truth is that the Internet is already awash with websites. Believe it or not though, there’s still plenty of room for more. As long as you don’t ask for a lot. Just imagine if you could capture 1% of the world’s attention (That’s 60 million people) and make $1 from a further 1% of them. That’s still $600,000.

I’m sure there’s something that you can create a website about that 1% of people in the world are interested in and searching for information on. Probably more like 2%.


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