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How Not to Overspend on Home Technology

How Not to Overspend on Home Technology

Advanced technology completely changed the way we live. It had infiltrated our homes and made them more comfortable overnight. Fast development of home tech enabled us to buy highly functional home devices without taking expensive loans and degrading our credit rating. In this article, we will explain several home tech shopping tricks that will tell you how to save even more money and equip your castle with the latest gadgets and appliances.

Home theatre

A decade ago, home theatre systems were only seen in homes featured on MTV Cribs, but today many middle class families decide to save money on movie tickets and invest it in building their own living room cinema. Saving money on home theatre system doesn’t mean you need to settle for small screen resolution and poor quality sound. You can turn to people from Universal Home Theatre to help you choose less expensive (but still high- quality) picture and sound solutions.

Projectors are generally less expensive than flat screen TVs. Combination of good-quality projector and a pull down screen can be bought for less than $700, while for 4k flat screen with 65’’ diagonal you will need to pay at least $1,000. Instead of buying a specialized media center, you can buy the most affordable ($29.99) Blu-ray player or build a home theater PC from your old PC parts for free.

Home office tech

We’re living in a digital world, where more than one third of labor America is moonlighting or developing a full-time freelancing career. Most freelancers work from their home offices, which means they need to equip themselves with adequate tech. Best way to do this is by purchasing refurbished or clearance devices. These devices have been returned to the manufacturer for reconfiguration. After they’ve been reconfigured and tested, they are being resold at a discount price in outlet stores. By relying on these outlet offers you can save several hundred dollars per each notebook, scanner or printer you buy.

You should also focus on outdated products. Notebook market is extremely dynamic and one or two-year-old models are usually sold at extremely low prices, just because the latest models contain one or a few (often not very meaningful) upgrades. Retailers sell older models cheap, in order to clear their inventories, and if you follow their sales calendar you can find some great bargains.

Home appliances

Outlet stores are also great for home appliances purchase. These products come with regular warranties and free repair services, just like products in regular stores. If you choose to buy a new appliance focus on its main function and forget about all the bells and whistles it features. On the other hand, if you enjoy these little appliance frills, you should chose an energy saving device that will pay itself off in a few years. Today there’s a wide selection of appliances that can make a substantial difference in your budget. This way you can opt for more fancy products, while saving your money on energy costs.

Since home appliances are usually big and hard to deliver, you should ask or negotiate a free shipping. Also, be sure to choose products made by trusted manufacturers. Prices of cheap knock-offs might sound attractive, but these products usually cost you more on the long run, because of their poor-quality, expensive repairs and difficult maintenance.


Recently we’ve been witnessing a fast development of home automation. These systems are great energy savers and they can drastically decrease your monthly bills. When it comes to home automation devices’ purchase, you should follow basic principles applied in all above mentioned product categories. These are some of the most popular home automation devices, and ways they can save your money:

  • Programmable thermostats – cut air conditioning bills by allowing homeowners to control their home’s temperature remotely, through a specialized smartphone app.
  • Occupancy sensors – cut energy costs, by turning off the lights in rooms that are not occupied.
  • Smart alarm systems – reduce the possibility of burglary and cut your home insurance costs. People with automated

Although some people believe that tech is alienating them from their family and friends, it actually saves time and enables us to spend more precious moments with our loved ones. In addition to this, most new appliances and gadgets use less energy for their everyday tasks, which positively affects our budget and the environment.

Alex Williams

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