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Officer Who Killed Tamir Rice Fired For Rule Violations On Job Application

Officer Who Killed Tamir Rice Fired For Rule Violations On Job Application

On November 22, 2014, Timothy Loehmann was dispatched after the deceased Tamir Rice was reported to be pointing a gun at people in Cleveland Park, a recreational center. The person who called Rice into 911 however didn’t give clear information that the gun might probably had been a toy gun. The officer is reported to have fatally shot the twelve years old boy within two seconds of patrol pulling up beside the boy. Timothy Loehman and the other three officers were announced to be facing administrative charges in January before a special committee created to investigate the shooting episode.

Officer Frank Garmback also fall as part of the episode and was suspended for ten days regarding on how he drove at the scene which was termed as violating tactical rules. However a jury in Ohio failed to criminally charge the trio for the shooting of Tamir Rice.

Two and a half years later, the Cleveland Police Department fires Timothy Loehman, officer who shot Tamir Rice. The termination was not made solely due to shooting but Loehman was also found guilty of providing false information when applying to join the department and was therefore judged unfit. Rice’s death was among the several police killings that have attracted the attention of the Black Lives Matter Movement.

The police in that department have a specified history of using excessive force against blacks which brings in racial disparities. However, the aftermath of the scene has not proved Loehman to have shouted any warning or orders to the boy before shooting at him which brings in confusion on how Loehman genuinely decided to shoot. The officer claimed that he perceived the gun pellet to have been a firearm when Rice held it at him which forced him to shoot.

Loehman is perceived to have joined the police department by fraud and neither held any training or skill in applying emergency first aid. There had been a similar case in 2013 in the same department of an officer shooting and killing a “juvenile”.

These cases are attributed to inadequate training and supervision which leaves the officers to dependently determine how to undertake those dangerous jobs. Since then, the Cleveland Police Department is working to implement reforms as part of the response from the Black Lives Matter Movement over racial disparities where white police men kill blacks over their white peers.

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