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Our Journey To Belize

Wow! Just over 10 months ago, the mention of Belize was just a mere suggestion between Tami and I. Can you believe it? After selling our furniture, appliances, giving away clothes to the Goodwill and selling one of two cars. We are just a week away from moving to Belize. As newly empty nesters we are really inspired and blessed to have this opportunity for the first time to experience a different culture, new experiences and a slower paced lifestyle.Our Journey To Belize 2

If there is deep desire in your heart along with faith, I am a believer that the universe will put things in place for you. Trust me, we had our challenges with emptying a fully furnished four bedroom home and a one bedroom apartment. Tami and I were determined to sale most of our assets and pack up everything for storage. A couple of times Tami asked “are we really doing this” I responded, moving to Belize? I said yes maam, we agreed we were ready for a new life and travels.

As I stated earlier, we have about one more week. We will continue packing up things, selling items and just getting rid of what we can from our one bedroom apartment. As of today, we are having a going away party amongst family and friends. I think Tami and I are a little nervous, but this is just a springboard into bigger things to come. On our journey to Belize, we hope and seek inspiration and in return we are looking to inspire people in Belize and around the world.

We hope that you guys follow us on this new chapter in our life. We are very excited! Please keep us in your prayers.

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Marcus & Tami

Our Journey To Belize 3

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