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An Overview of Front Lace Wigs

An Overview of Front Lace Wigs

Front lace wigs are those wigs that are made with a sheer base which is made of lace. This base is attached in the front of the hairline of the wig that gives it a more natural look than a full lace wig which covers the entire head giving it an artificial look. These wigs are custom fitted. They can be trimmed to your preference and can also be glued to your skin around the hairline temporarily. Both synthetic and human hair is used to make these wigs. Human hair wig looks natural and is easier to manage and style.

These wigs come in various sizes and shapes. Depending on the buyer’s preference, these wigs can be custom made. One should be careful while choosing a wig. One should choose a wig that accentuates his or her face and brings out the features of their face. The reason behind this is that everyone has different facial structure and different styles suit different face shapes. Different types of laces are used to design the base of these wigs which are: French lace and Swiss lace. Both of them are quite popular amongst buyers as they are very lightweight. These laces can be tinted in different shades of brown to match with different complexions.

French lace is more durable and thicker than Swiss lace. They are low on maintenance, so they are perfect for first-time buyers.  On the other hand, Swiss lace is quite high on maintenance and requires a lot of care and attention. They blend in better with the natural hairline as they are finer and more delicate. They should be gently used as they tend to wear off quite easily. Front lace wigs give freedom to try different styles and experiment with one’s look. One can either go for a straight chic look or a curly bold look. These wigs are quite fun to play with and experiment with your look.

One of the major drawbacks of front lace wigs is that they are not that versatile. They cannot be styled very easily, and one has to limit themselves to certain hairstyles like a half ponytail or a side ponytail. One cannot pull the wig into a high ponytail as it will make it quite obvious that one is wearing a wig. The other drawback is that they do not last more than six months.

Nevertheless, these wigs are an innovation that helps to experiment with one’s look in a non-surgical process. It is very important to customize the wig according to one’s face cut and shape to get a natural look.

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