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What Percent of African Americans are Receiving Public Assistance

What Percent of African Americans are Receiving Public Assistance

As the U.S. Census Bureau ACS studies show 27% of all African Americans live below the poverty level, the black children live in poverty than the kids of other Americans. But the poverty of working age black women prevails the number of black men living in poverty. Women percentage totals 26 while men are only 21%. The percentage level increases up to 55 % of the black children living in poverty who are taken care of black single moms. For such families, public assistance is provided in various fields. The poverty level varies through the years but it should be noted that black Americans have suffered from poverty even more than other American families.

Because of the increased number of poor families and individuals among the African American populations they were more likely to receive the public assistance than other groups, circa 41.6 % of African Americans received benefits each month, that includes: Medicaid, food stamp, housing assistance, cash benefits and temporarily assistance, supplemental Security Income, general assistance.

Welfare programs are controversial, some people believe that government should provide a strong and reliable social safety for the vulnerable people. Some think that welfare system is abused and it keeps them from making a proper decision. The U.S. government after thoroughly studying the matter and fixed the percentage of poverty and number of poor people rendered assistance, it is also becoming known that people who had jobs were still receiving assistance, but most of all, the number of African American families overlapped the number of other Americans who were in need of help.

Approximately 42.3 million African Americans live in poverty, in 2014 a big number of vulnerable black families were detected in the southern states, that is caused by having improper living conditions, very few black children graduate from high school, less African American teenagers get the high education to have further successful careers and better living conditions. If their problems are solved by assisting from the side of government, fewer people will need public assistance and they will get all proper living conditions as it is written in the U.S. constitution. All are equal and should have the right of life and education.

If African American families are helped and the U.S. government does their awareness towards education, we will have time to think about our choices, rather than go out and look for a low paying job to support our family.

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