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How To Plan A Small Wedding


How To Plan A Small WeddingMost couples wonder about the size of the wedding and when it comes to wedding celebrations, the size does matter. After all, the expenses can blow out of proportions with the swelling size of the wedding.  The average cost of a wedding can easily cross $30,000. It is nice to have a big budget for weddings, but there are many couples with a limited budget. After all, you might end up paying the price tag for several months or even years! The solution lies in getting the most out of a smaller budget. Reads on to learn how to plan a small wedding and create some wonderful memories.

In order to stick to a smaller budget, you need to cut down the number of guests. By cutting down the list in half, you can have full control over the rest of the expenses.

With a smaller guest list, you can enjoy their company more and can make things a bit more elaborate. You can focus on those extra details like six-course feasts and limousine services.

Choose the reception site wisely and according to the size of the wedding. If you do not have extra money, just make the experience special for them by providing extra entertainment.

If you want to stay within a small budget, know how to cut costs. For example, you can go for pretend flowers instead of real flowers and ask your family member or a friend to be your photographer. Make the invitations yourself and even bake your cake. Ask for help and you can bring down the costs significantly.

A smaller wedding need not be boring, but one can make it all the more entertaining with fewer people on the scene. Depending on how the gathering is, there can be special moments created for each guest that he can cherish and remember.

Make sure to pick people who you can count on and arrange for groomsmen, bridesmaids and. Attendants. Traditionally, there are two to three attendants for every 50 guests.

A smaller wedding certainly creates a more intimate atmosphere. Just remember that the two most important people in the wedding are you and your partner. There is nothing wrong in keeping your wedding budget small. You can certainly look forward to a more exclusive and relaxed setting with your family members and close friends.  Most guests will love the special attention they get and those small personal touches that will leave them impressed.

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