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Relationship Tips for Black Men from a Reformed Playa

Relationship Tips for Black Men – an invite from me to you.

Please check out this link for becoming the man in 2014 that every woman is searching for. A man who is comfortable with his emotions, can be kind, generous and open hearted without fear of being a “sissy.” A man who cares about his woman, his family, his community, his country and his planet. That whole man is hard to find but worth the search. Being comfortable with “being” all these things makes a man strong, not weak. It appears that for a black man to desire to be this kind of man, they need to be a bit younger than the over 50 crew. Fellas, we really want THIS kind of man! Trust me (or at least a grown ass woman does). Check it out. THANKS! 

Project ManKind

This page was written by my late husband Lenny. I am adding a letter I found on June 21, 2013. Lenny and I used letters to communicate, especially when we were fighting. Why? Because you cannot argue with paper and because reading what we had to say to each other, in writing made the messages easier to digest. How often does a wife “find” a love letter from her husband 8 years after his death? This was written in the summer of 2005…


Your Love

Your love is like a rose sent from up above, it fills me up with the highest gratitude of your love. It makes me want to do things I have not yet done before. It makes me want you more and more. It makes me think to myself how I could be with no one else. It makes me fall down on my knees and thank the Lord because you please me, it let’s me know you really care and tells me that you’re always here.  Your love fulfills me with just one touch which is why I love you very much.

This page is dedicated to all real black men. I will offer tips, answer questions and give you my take on relationships between black men and women. My question to you is what are you looking for in a relationship? Do you want a women who is strong, independent, quiet, or talkative- sports anyone :)? Can you imagine your life with a black women who has your best interests at heart?

Seriously, most men want a woman who can handle her own. Like a take charge type. Take charge of paying the bills, keeping the house clean, not a maid, but a person who likes things in order. Housework should be shared, like all chores. I do believe in equality and sharing what must be done. Most of the men I talk to don’t want a wimpy woman that can be walked over. Some one who must be told what to do or feels they must ask you for instructions/directions on everything. You can pay $20.00 and get that kind of woman off any street corner. Not the kind of relationship or woman I would want for my own.

Most men are seeking a real relationship with a woman. They are tired (or should be) of one night stands, or someone they see for that booty call. They are looking for that woman you can talk to about any and all subjects, for hours at a time. A women you would be proud to introduce to your family and friends. A lady that can hold her own in conversations with friends or strangers. A women you can trust with your feelings,your possessions and your heart. A person you would enjoy being with and look forward to seeing when you are apart. It is something my wife and I have together. Are you beginning to see how easy it would be to have that beautiful black women in your life?

We started our business, Ebony 1st Impressions to assist black men and women to meet in a safe, attractive environment in the hopes of building stronger relationships with each other.

The men we are seeking will be real, serious black men. We have listed our expectations for our men (and women) on our Rules and Regulations page. Please review and if this describes you and you live in the Baltimore/Washington area, please contact us. Should you happen to be one of our many global visitors, please read on. We have lots of info for anyone seeking a real relationship or just making their own life a little better. Links to everything from books to our own online dating website.

Relationship Tips for Black Men from a Reformed Playa

Wedding Day, August 16, 2002. This business is about helping black men and women not only get together, but also work thru the trials (hard work my brotha) and tribulations of staying together.

You can improve your success in the dating game by taking your time and not just choosing the prettiest face.



Men and Relationships
Written by Leon Billups Jr.

Most men don’t get into relationships because of their (dumb) friends. The ones who did all the wrong things and give bad advice i.e. She will take over your life, she will want you up under her all the time, you won’t have time for your friends. They don’t like to see you TOO happy, and when you are sad or upset it is always the wife/girlfriends fault. Or the brother who just broke up and is bitter or still broken over his own relationship. Don’t take advice from him either! If his relationship WORKED he would still be in it! (Ladies, the same applies to women who are lonely).
As long as you know how to treat a lady, you can be happy with the one you choose to spend time with.

Let’s talk about the P word-PAIN!
Most men try to drown or drug it, smoke or sedate it, or get hostile with it. We never try to deal with it on a real level. By admitting our feelings and getting some perspective we can heal from our pain and move on.

Five things men will not admit to a women

1) Being Afraid
Because we want to appear powerful we don’t want our woman to know when we are afraid of anything. We want our woman to value our strength and we tend to hid our gentleness.

2) Inadequacy
Not feeling we meet the needs of our woman and family. This questions our manhood.

3) Unimportant
Feeling like we are of no value to our family and woman. We feel worthless,unwanted and weak.

4) The fear of our woman leaving
Us- losing our loved one. Valuable when we can do something of value for our loved ones.

All men fear losing their loved one no matter if they are rich or poor, attractive or not so attractive. It springs from personal insecurities which have no boundaries or limits.

5) Her other lover was better in bed than you.
Even if this is true, you need to stop looking at sex as a score card and change the focus. Sex starts with your HEAD not the bed. What makes sex GREAT are the feelings of love and commitment and intimacy that inspire the passion. If these emotions are there you need not fear being compared to a memory.

Relationship Tips for Black Men from a Reformed Playa

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