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Season of Political Disgrace, Is The Black Church Unresponsive?

The relentless pursuit of the black church to place political piracy over people is sublimely disgraceful towards the American Dream. As a black woman proudly named Salaam, I often get asked “are you Muslim” this in no way offends or bothers me. As I fly the friendly skies I am pulled to the side and given the full throttle pat down along with the double all eyes on me and my license. I am an African American Christian woman who lives in the South-Birmingham, Alabama; and I am extremely appalled at the discourse and political sleuth of smeared ideology being tossed in this land of so many so called liberties.Season of Political Disgrace, Is The Black Church Unresponsive? 2

Retrospectively, I am also even more disappointed and angered by the lack of Christian response from the black church to the overall disrespect and contradictory messages being spewed to people of all persuasions particularly people of color, women, refugees, and immigrants. Isn’t there a biblical statement that rests upon the liberty of ‘what you do to the least of them’…does this not take into consideration those who are unlike the writers of the constitution’s unamiable rights section?

Sister go take a Sabbatical

Many may choose to not reminisce On Election Day 2016 however for me that day sealed the injustices in America were closer to home than many once believed or perceived. I received a phone call from my Pastor. Upon returning the call I eventually was placed on sabbatical from my teaching duties; based on my beliefs and views as a progressive liberal writer and creative. Basically, the assumption was that I was being misled by the not so main street anti-American rhetoric and “banter” and needed to take a sabbatical. I opted to leave that predominantly black church and fully resolve that my relationship with my God was much higher than the any seat in any pew and deemed respect on my terms.

According to the Review Poem a publication of the Huntsville Literary Association posited this poem and review that resonates with seasonal political disgrace “Writing About Repression: Oaxaca, Mexico” by Robert Joe Stout begins with clouds and street hubbub interrupting writing, goes on to recall his own participation in anti-war protests in the U.S. and then brings us back to Mexico:

Always the same. People rising up, pushed down
again but forcing change–then more new cops,
more tear gas, clubs. The clouds swirled back;
the windows darkened and I heard the rain.

~Robert Joe Stout~

Honestly, I am not encouraging cynicism or criticism only realism. Love and justice can include consequences and may not always look like a Kumbaya circle. However the foundation is painstakingly being uprooted. Watching my fellow black saints who attend services religiously whose equality has been foreshadowed by the interplay of politics and human gentrification of community infrastructure; I become quite sickened to believe that this is faith in a country pointing to religious freedom and freedom of speech as the hallmark of its universality of people and cultures including the foundation of the black church.

Accountability from Black Christian leaders going beyond patronizing comments such as “God is going to make everything okay” must include the sensibilities of those whose hearts are breaking; that are afraid, and hands are bleeding from years of fighting against the patriarchy of disdain.

America shame on you and shame to some black church leaders  unresponsive to the political rain storm we are drowning in; however the hope or faith that inches through the ditch of muddy rivers may be that this is but for a season and like seasons this too shall pass; rhetorically from one stained saint to another.

Season of Political Disgrace, Is The Black Church Unresponsive? 3

Salaam Green: ’16 Poet Laureate for Innovation and Entrepreneurship; M.S. Early Childhood Education

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