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Let’s face it, short haircuts are not only sexy on women but mainly, they’re so easy to maintain.  Although black hair care and hair care products have come such a long way, many black women have not only been wearing their hair naturally but short as well and it looks good!  It is also a simple solution to the same age-old problem many of us may still have.

It’s funny how the economy has affected even the simplest things in our lives.  Having the means to go to the hair salon every two weeks or as often as needed has become a challenge for some.  Standing in front of the mirror doing your own is not only time consuming but also tiring when you have long hair.

There are other challenges black women face: trusting someone to do your hair right or the way you want it; moving to a new city/state where black hair care and/or products are almost impossible to find; finding someone who truly knows what they’re doing or losing your one and only hairstylist.  Black women also do not have the luxury of going to just any hair stylist or salon.  No wash and go here.  Some or all of these challenges have moved black women away from caring about having that super straight, long hair look into something more manageable, sexy yet stylish and also very professional, all in one.

Now some women don’t wear short hair well, some are afraid to go short and some are forced to be short or have no hair at all but how wonderful it is for black women to have the versatility and variety and to have come as far as we have.

There are so many short hairstyles to choose from; short, wild, funky or elegant and many variations such as the “short bob,” the “blunt bob,” the “asymmetrical bob” and the “angled bob.”  There’s the short “spiky” look, short “curly” look and the “wavy” look to only name a few.

Whatever the style, whatever the choice, whatever the reason, you wear it well!

Anisa Stedmire, Owner/President
More Time Office Solutions, Your Virtual Personal Assistant

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