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Six Ways On How To Stop Anxiety

Six ways on how to stop anxiety

Anxiety creates unrelenting doubts and fears which can easily paralyse your daily life by sapping your energy and sending stress levels soaring skywards. While normal anxiety symptoms are prevailing in almost everyone, the individuals with chronic problems need to break the habit. This sort of anxiety level can disrupt the normal life of a human being. There are ample self help methods to reduce worry by making certain lifestyle changes. Taking help from a therapist is also a good option. Some quick anxiety relieving techniques are described here.

Practice deep breathing

This exercise is simple and can be practiced anywhere. Deep belly breathing has been found to be very effective in releasing anxiety. Just find a secluded place and concentrate on pulling air through your abdomen for a five to ten minutes. Results will be felt almost immediately.

Muscle relaxing

Relaxing the body parts in a progressive way from top of head to toes of feet is another quick way to reduce anxiety.

Speak to a friend

Discussing your worrisome issues with a close friend can greatly help in reducing the anxiety. Expressing your feelings in person or by communicating with a friend through phone is the best way to go about this.

Exercise regularly

Exercise is regarded as an easy way not only to keep fit but to treat anxiety as well. At any time when a feeling of worry or uneasiness is perceived, engaging in a physical activity is the ideal solution. You can do anything you like, so long as it lasts for thirty minutes every day. Walking, doing yoga or even dancing in your living room will produce good results.

Apply calming essential oils

Essential oils like lavender have been known to be very effective in reducing anxiety levels. Keeping a bottle at hand or wearing a scented lavender lotion will give quick results. Other essential oils like lemon,bergamot, or clary sage are useful as well.

Listen to soothing music

Music therapy has been found to provide positive results for patients awaiting a surgery. Likewise it had helped to reduce anxiety in many cases. Soothing music like jazz,classical or songs which are your favourite go a long way in alleviating the blues.

In conclusion, by trying to reduce your overall anxiety you feel during the day, your nighttime anxiety levels will also come down. Through regular exercise, refraining from caffeine before bedtime and doing something relaxing like writing or reading a book will be of immense help. Eating a healthy balanced diet, with less sugar and processed food will keep you fit and energetic. The bottom line is just don’t sit around feeling lousy, as nothing good will come out of it. Just keep yourself busy in your work or business.

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