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Sometimes Homeless People Just Want Someone To Talk To

Sometimes Homeless People Just Want Someone To Talk To

I know. I hear and understand your rebuttal of this article’s title and I get it. I know what you are saying, most homeless people are always asking or begging for something and that they really don’t want to talk, it’s just a ploy to get money out of you. I agree, the percentages of homeless people that are out here asking, scamming or whatever to get over is high. But I do think some homeless people just wanna to talk to someone or just to be heard.

A couple of days ago, I pulled up to Circle K and purchased a soda. After purchasing my soda, I proceeded to walk to my car and I noticed this guy parked by the gas pumps. I thought he was just filling up on gas. He said “hey that’s a nice car, what year is it” I said thanks, I told him what year my car was and we talked about different Foreign cars etc.

Joe told me he was homeless, and the only thing he have is his truck. So I looked over at his truck and I noticed a whole lot of different items in his truck. The dashboard was filled with a lot of papers. Joe told me he use to work for the railroad and that he was taking care of his girlfriend. He explained that once he lost his job with the railroad, his girlfriend left him for another man and they moved to Coloarado.

I could see the pain in his face. Joe also told me that he was very handy and that he also worked on cars. I asked him for his number and I told him, I have a couple of friends that may need work done on their cars. Joe told me no thanks. Although I had no cash on me, if Joe would’ve asked me for something I would’ve went back in the store and used my credit card to purchase or give him a few dollars. You might ask, why didn’t I offer Joe anything? After talking and carefully listening to Joe, in my heart I just think he wanted someone to talk to. Honestly I thought he might’ve slept earlier and now he was wide awake and perhaps restless.

We talked a few minutes more and I told him that I had to leave and is everything ok (meaning did he need anything). Joe just kept talking as if he didn’t hear me. Although Joe was homeless, he still had his pride. He seemed like a nice decent hardworking person that fell on hard times. To be honest, most of us are a paycheck or two from being in Joe’s situation.

On the way home, I just thank God and thought about how blessed I was to have a roof over my head. I’ve thought about Joe for the pass week or so. He didn’t come across as another homeless person trying to get something out of you. I honestly think Joe just wanted someone to talk to.

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