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Three Easy Ways To Renovate Your Bathroom With Glass Paint

Three Easy Ways To Renovate Your Bathroom With Glass Paint

If you know anything about real estate, you know that the home improvements that produce the best returns involve the kitchen and the bathroom. That’s because these areas of your home are highly visible, and renovations tend to cost a lot of money. If you’re not prepared to spend the going rate of $10,000-$13,000 to remodel a small bathroom, you can do a cost-effective makeover for much less. One go-to product you’ll want to consider using is glass paint.

Far and away, water makes the bathroom one of the trickiest spots to work in. Constant exposure to high humidity can really wreak havoc on walls, floors and windows. Bathroom walls need to be cleaned regularly to inhibit the mold and mildew growth that’s likely to occur in this soggy space. All of that cleaning can take a toll on surface finishes.

Showers release a lot of airborne water droplets, which tend to carry soap films far and wide. When the soapy mist lands on the walls, the soap film can trap dust, dirt, hair and other particles, making the walls look awful. Repeated washings can wear down painted surfaces, and before you know it, it’s time to paint again.

Three Easy Ways To Renovate Your Bathroom With Glass Paint 2

Cover the walls with glass. A glass laminate applied to the walls in the bathroom can be a lifesaver. Glass offers the ultimate waterproofing protection for surfaces that may have been stained or damaged by repeated washings and mildew growth. The best part about using glass in the bathroom is that it’s inexpensive, when compared to replacing plaster walls or drywall. Need a little color? No problem! Simply back paint the glass using a specially formulated paint like Glass primer™ glass paint and allow the paint to dry. Apply the painted glass panels to the walls using neutral-cure silicone adhesive. Caulk the seams and edges with a clear silicone caulk and your bathroom walls will look fantastic for years. As a side benefit, the glass laminate is super easy to clean and sanitize, and won’t peel, even in high-humidity conditions.

Create a glass backsplash. If you’re not ready to laminate your bathroom walls with glass, consider making a back painted glass backsplash instead. The area around a bathroom sink gets splashed a lot! That can lead to water stains on the walls around the sink. One way to keep the bathroom sink neat and tidy is to laminate the area around the sink with glass. By back painting the glass with a product like Glass Primer™ glass paint, you can also add a dash of color to the space. Back painted glass is easy to make and easy to apply. The laminate is also easy to remove when you decide that it’s time for a change.

Paint your shower doors. If you have glass shower doors in your bathroom, or you’re thinking about installing them, you can spruce them up with glass paint. There’s a huge variety of shower doors, both on the market and already installed in bathrooms. The glass in your shower door may not give you enough privacy, especially if it’s made from patterned glass, rather than true frosted glass. Mineralization may have dulled the appearance of the glass, and you may find the patterned glass difficult to keep clean.

Swapping out patterned glass in favor of frosted glass may be out of your budget. Frosted glass is very expensive, and the frame on your shower door may not tolerate glass replacement very well. If that’s the case, you can use Glass Primer™ glass paint to create the frosted effect you’re looking for without having to swap out the glass or the shower door it. Glass Primer™ glass paint provides an excellent frosted effect for about $1 per square foot – much less expensive than traditional frosted glass! Once the paint has cured, it will provide exceptional performance, even in high humidity! It will also help hide scratches, hard water stains and mineralization, making your shower doors looks great for years!

Glass paint is beautiful, durable and highly cost effective. It’s a great alternative to an expensive bathroom renovation when you’re simply looking to improve the appearance of one of the most important rooms in your home.

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