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Top 5 Ways to Style Your New Haircut, Extensions, or Weave

Nothing allows you to experiment with your look as easily as your hair. Not only can you explore styles for your gorgeous natural hair, but you can also enjoy any length, color, and style you’ve ever wanted to try with the help of hair extensions or weave. Once you have the hair you want, however, you have to know what to do with it. Play it up to its best advantage so that it becomes a crowning jewel to flatter your features and draw attention to how gorgeous and perfectly put together you are, inside and out. Check out a bit of hair inspiration to help you decide what to do with your weave.

Add a Little Curl

Let’s say that your new weave is sleek and straight. It’s a foolproof style that promises to look chic and polished no matter what you do to it…but. You knew there was a “but” coming, right? Straight hair can get a bit uninteresting. You might be satisfied with your straight weave or extensions six days out of seven, but that seventh day, you may start to crave change. That’s no problem. All you need is a curling iron with a fairly large barrel.

Using that, you can create a profusion of loose, thick curls. The waterfall effect you end up with after curling 1-inch sections of your weave is guaranteed to be both elegant and sophisticated. It doesn’t take long to curl all of your hair, especially once you get used to doing it. These glam, flowing curls are ideal for formal functions and special occasions, but you can just as easily wear the style for the day-to-day. For an edgy hairdo, skip every other section of hair and leave them straight, instead.

Sleek and On Fleek

Alternately, you can also straighten your weave or your extensions to for a beautiful blunt ‘do. If your hair is currently curly or frizzy, then you need the usual tools, such as a straightening iron, a blow dryer, and a round brush to guide your blowout. You will also need a high-quality hair oil, such as argan oil, and something to protect your hair from all those heat tools. A dollop of argan oil or something similar will help to smooth out frizz and flyaway hairs. Even if your extensions are straight, you can smooth and sculpt your tresses for the ultimate sleek, chic hairstyle.

An Asymmetrical Bob

The popularity of the asymmetrical bob is understandable. It’s edgy, sexy, and always on-point. Consider taking the angles to the next level. Get your hair cut into an extreme bob that’s noticeably shorter on one side. Play around with a sharply defined angle. Remember, you can get a trim anytime you get tired of the asymmetry. Leave it long enough for now, and you can still experiment with an assortment of styles, such as playful topknots and intricate braids. In fact, it’s worth mentioning that a braided bob is straight fire.

Braids for Days

Speaking of braids, they’re ideal for natural hair, lace-fronts, sew-ins, and every other type of extension as long as the texture plaits in a way that looks to-die-for. To say that braids are versatile is the understatement of the millennium. Boxer braids, cornrows, goddess braids—you’re spoiled for choice. You may choose an intricate, artistic style along the scalp that blossoms into lengthy braids or you may opt for natural rows. Just make sure you lay those baby hairs to the gawds.

Color Pops

What’s neat about clip-ins and extensions is that you can easily weave in colorful strands of hair. You can essentially get highlights, low lights, or pops of fantasy color without going through any tedious bleaching or dyeing processes. Of course, you can add color that way, too. Pick a shade that’s stunning against your skin tone. Red tips are always fiery, but shades of purple, blue, green, and orange were all made for your hair—trust.

What’s a hairstyle you’ve always wanted to wear? Are there any colors you’re dying to try? Sis, go for it. Book an appointment to get a weave. Find some extensions that you love. Do something brand new with your natural hair.


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