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Top Ankara Style Dresses For The Women Of Color

Ankara is the best and most probably the most prominent fabric style used to create African fashion styles. Ankara is a West African word which means colourful. The lively prints and versatility of Ankara make it unique and desirable. This is the one style that never goes wrong for the African American community.

They are worn in many ways, and different women prefer different styles. However, there are some styles which are more common than the rest and are easily available. The popularity of the style has forced the retailers to even offer voucher codes uk on these dresses on special occasions like Christmas and Valentine’s Day.

Let’s have a look at what are they and how they can be worn to make you even more attractive.


Top Ankara Style Dresses For The Women Of Color

It came into limelight in 2013 and had been trending nonstop since then. It gets better every year and every year the number of women increases who swore by this style.

It started as peplum skirts, but now it is not restricted to skirts only. There are peplum gowns, jackets, and tops which can go with anything. It solely depends on your personal style how you want to pair it.

The best thing about the peplums is it suits everyone regardless of the body type and size; it blends perfectly with the curves. The heel looks best with peplums, but if it is a casual day out, flat sandals will do too.


Top Ankara Style Dresses For The Women Of Color

This looks like an ‘A’ when worn. It usually doesn’t fit the body and never highlights the curves but still looks pretty when worn appropriately. Again it is for every body size and shape.

The unique part about wearing an A-line Ankara is it provides versatility as you can pair it sandals, snickers, or high heels and it will appear as an ultimate chick. It can also be paired with pants, or you may want to go bare legs for that oomph factor. It is classy, sexy, and stylish all at the same time.

Straight Gown

Top Ankara Style Dresses For The Women Of Color

Go short or long, have a slit or cut, the straight Ankara gown will never disappoint you. It will make you believe that there is beauty even in the simplest things. It has been ruling the hearts since almost forever.

You can wear it in any way and feel fresh and young. This gown brings out the youthful side of every lady. Be it a work event, a family day out, any official meeting, or even a date; the Ankara straight gown suits every occasion and looks perfect at all gatherings.


Top Ankara Style Dresses For The Women Of Color


It came and stole the heart of every fashionista. It depends on your taste how you want to feature it, in a gown or a top. It leaves the shoulders bare which means there is plenty of room for bold accessories. You can team your off shoulder up with a glaring choker or a statement neck piece to catch all the attention. We bet, all eyes will be on you if you do it correctly.

Ankara With Fringe

Top Ankara Style Dresses For The Women Of Color

Any Ankara with a fringe looks mesmerising. There is no such rule that where a fringe should be added. It can be added to any part of the dress to make it more interesting. The fringe works really well as a detail for Ankara styles; it looks captivating.

The dresses with fringe look best in fashion events or date nights. They are not recommended for day wear. The off-shoulders and cold shoulders look even more sensual with a little fringe.

Even the knee-length Ankara dresses with a fringe at the bottom looks like a proper dreamy outfit. There is something absolutely enchanted about the combination of Ankara style and fringes whenever they team up something amazing comes out.

Flare Dress

Top Ankara Style Dresses For The Women Of Color

The Flare dress in Ankara style is simply amazing. The tight upper body ending into a flare near the waste to knees makes a perfect ensemble. It can be paired with tights and a nice sandal for music festivals, and you can go bare legs with snickers as well. It also looks comfortably stylish as work wear.

Pencil Dress

Top Ankara Style Dresses For The Women Of Color

These are relatively new in mainstream fashion, but they have gained popularity really quickly. The Ankara style doubles the sensuality of a pencil dress. It depends on your choices on how you want to wear it. However, the best way is to team it up to heels and some classy jewellery. This has all the necessary ingredients of perfect party wear.

End Note

The Ankara style is not restricted to its original community anymore. People from all over the world are wearing these dresses and loving them. It has become an integral part of a mainstream fashion. The love it has received as a fashion trend is overwhelming, and a sign of positivity people have for each other though they belong to different communities.

Top Ankara Style Dresses For The Women Of Color

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