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Top Five Astounding Internet Service Providers in the USA

Top Five Astounding Internet Service Providers in the USA

The Internet has become now a mandatory thing to survive in this fast-growing world. About a decade ago, internet service was quite expensive for a person with an average income to afford in the United States of America. Internet service providers started establishing their business to facilitate people with internet services at cheap rates. Besides providing benefits to residential areas, they also expanded their business and assisted companies and bigger industries by providing their services.

Every internet service provider has some distinct specifications. Some are well recognized for amazing packages while some are famous for their unique features. Some of the most highly rated and astounding internet service providers in the United States of America are discussed below.


The internet services provided by spectrum are the most reliable and fastest growing network. Spectrum internet is one of the leading and fastest growing internet services in America. The spectrum packages deliver the best and high-speed internet of 1000 Mbps. They offer different deals which are designed by keeping in view the demands of various customers from family home to big Multinational companies. Some of the distinct features of the spectrum internet are discussed below:

  • Fiber internet
  • Static IP
  • WI-FI Solutions
  • Cloud backup
  • internet ultra and internet GIG
  • Webhosting


Xfinity internet service gives you the opportunity to select any package which suits you the most.  Their internet speed range from 15 to 1000 Mbps according to various deals. You will be capable to download and stream your favorite shows and content in seconds. There are five deals designed by Xfinity internet service providers.

  • Up to 5 users at a time
  • Up to 8 users at a time
  • Up to 11 users at a time
  • Up to 12 users at a time
  • Unlimited users

Distinct features of Xfinity internet:

  • Xfinity Xfi

You can use various tools to control your home network from your cell phones and laptops.

  • Xfinity mobile

It combined its services with America’s largest and reliable 4G LTE network. This service is made to assist Xfinity internet consumers so they would be able to use more data with less money spending.

AT&T Internet

At&T internet service is the most popular and well-recognized internet service provider in the USA.  Its speed range lies from 5 up to 1000 Mbps depending on various deals. Their Wi-Fi connection is made fully secured with the help of anti-virus software powered by MacAfee. Some of the distinct features are discussed below:

  • WI-FI gateway router
  • You can have access to AT&T Wi-Fi hotspot network
  • AT&T smart home manager app and manage home WI-FI connection
  • Fiber internet
  • U-verse internet
  • DSL internet service

Verizon FIOS

Verizon is one of the leading internet service providers in the USA which is popular due to its fastest speed and 100% fiber-optic network. It has been a decade since establishment of Verizon but it still managed to secure their top place in the competitive market up till now.

  • Fios Gigabit connection offers up to 940 Mbps internet speed.
  • Verizon offers the streaming with no buffering.
  • it allows up to 100 users at a time
  • Areas which don’t have access to Fios services; they provide high-speed DSL services to facilitate people with internet services.


Cox internet service provider is a well-recognized company in the USA and famous due to its amazing internet deals. They also made diverse packages to satisfy the demands of various customers its speed ranges from 10 up to 1000 Mbps depending on the type of the deal.

  • Cox internet starter 10
  • Cox internet Essential 30
  • Cox internet preferred 100

Distinct features of COX:

  • Panoramic Wi-Fi
  • 500,000 plus Wi-Fi hotspots
  • Cox security suite powered by MacAfee
  • You can have 10 email accounts


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