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Trayvon Martin’s Parents May Run for Political Office

Trayvon Martin’s Parents May Run for Political Office 2

According to USA Today, both parents fear that Donald Trump will reverse the progress that has been made, and they are now looking to change things from the inside out.

“Since Trayvon’s death, we saw how divided the country is on these issues, and we saw how the country can come together,” Martin told Capital Download. “You have those that are for uniting the country, and you have those that want to be apart. And what this new presidency does, it takes those that want to be apart and it puts them right in the position where they can say, ‘We’ll change the laws, and we’ll make it tougher.’”

This position is a far cry from where they saw themselves five years ago “before our life got interrupted,” as Fulton puts it.

“Before, I was just comfortable with my average life, but now I feel like I’m just obligated to be part of the change,” Fulton said. “The only way we can be part of the change is if we start with local government and we work our way up.”

“There’s no limitations,” Martin echoed. “I think once you embark on a journey, you don’t minimize your goal; you want to maximize your goals. So you start on the local level and then you work your way up, and hopefully it will take us to a place where we can help more than just local, more than just state. National. That would be the focus.”

“Average citizens feel like their kids are not going to make it home safely, because we’ve had so many incidents where somebody is shot and killed and nobody is being held accountable,” she said. “You have to bury a loved one, and on top of you burying a loved one, nobody is going to trial. Nobody is being arrested. Nobody is going to jail. And so it like adds insult to injury.”

“Where is the justice system for some of these families? Where was the justice system for us?” she added.

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