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How to Treat Back Pain on the Left Side


Back pain can be very annoying and frustrating. Many people suffer from back pain all their lives, especially lower back pain. They have tried everything, but it seems hard to get rid of. Moreover, it still hurts, even if one tries to lie down at a certain angle or adjust their posture. You try massaging, rubbing or stretching, and it still hurts. You try getting up and walking, and the pain is still there. It becomes a daily struggle with most people as they have no clue as to the reason behind and how to get rid of it. The page shed light on how to treat back pain on the left side.

The Back Pain on the Left Side

Getting a back pain on the lower left side is getting commoner. More and more people seem to get troubled by lower back aches. The lower back is called the lumbar region, and the pain can be severe in this region. The good news is that most of the time, the low back pain can go away on its own and there are some effective treatments for it.

The different reasons
It is often seen that women develop lower back pain on left side especially after pregnancy. This is because the extra weight places stress on the lumbar spine. Another reason could be the aging process of your body that causes changes in the cartilage that become fragile and weaker. Lower back pain on the left side may develop because of lower back strain and is characterized as a stretch injury.

It is a result of a stretch injury on the back or its improper use. At times, injury or fractures in the lumbar region too can lead to back pain on the left side as the lumbar spine and sacrum bone get affected. The pain worsens with body motion and radiates around the waist region. Sciatica nerves under pressure may start with a mild ache and later to extreme discomfort and a burning sensation. Kidney infections can lead to the lower back pain on left side and it is due to swelling in the kidney.

Treatment for lower back aches

Pregnant women should opt for pelvic tilt stretches to get relief, however, they must seek doctor’s advice first. Get respite with rehabilitative and heat compress exercises. Give your back a rest and one can take medications to soothe pain and treat muscle spasms. Massaging and heat applications in the painful area can help reduce strain on the lower back.

One should know that lumbar injury can take several weeks to heal, so adequate rest and sleep is essential in these cases. Biofeedback therapy and acupuncture is known to help ease the lower back pain on the left side. Antidepressants are given for chronic back pain. Sometimes, physical therapy and surgical procedures are recommended depending on the case and reason. If there is any Kidney infection, it should be treated with intravenous antibiotics to prevent any further damage.

See your doctor right away if the pain does not go away even after a week. The back pains are known to get chronic. Follow the above tips on how to treat back pain on the left side

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