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Did Trump Win the Election Because of Angry White Men?

How many times have you heard about  the black woman being the “angry black woman” or the black man being the “angry black man”. It is about time someone called out others for being angry as well. We as black people do not own the word angry. At this present time, I can think of a few people out there who could easily express the true meaning of angry.While taping an interview, Bill Clinton said Donald Trump won the election because he got angry white men to vote for him. Trust me, white mean really bought into the “Take America Back” slogun.

Clinton meantioned factors such as the Russian hacking into Hilary Clinton’s email. Hiliary’s top aid John Podesta. He says, “You would need to have a single-digit IQ not to recognize what was going on.” Bill Clinton says FBI director James Comey cost Hilary the election. Releasing Hilary’s emails a week before voters headed to the polls, damaged Hilary’s campaign. What do you guys think? Please comment below.


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