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People of color in America continue to be under attack by President-elect Trump and his supporters. The evidence is rampant, ravaging and racist! People of faith who serve our God of justice, freedom and equality will not stand by idly and watch Trump take this country in reverse as it relates to race relations. We are engaging in righteous resistance to racism, prejudice and bigotry perpetrated by his attitude and actions before he was elected the 45th President of the United States of America and since his historic election.

Throughout the Bible, God sides with the oppressed, downtrodden and disadvantaged. He calls His followers to defend and provide “justice for the orphan and the widow, and . . . [to] love the strangers” in our midst. Even Jesus Christ, as an infant, and his parents experienced what it means to be foreigners fearing for their lives while residing in another country.

The overwhelming majority of Americans, including people of faith, support common sense immigration reform for our immigrant brothers and sisters, and do not support mass deportation of undocumented persons living here. The immigrant communities in our midst, who live among us as neighbors, deserve love, not disdain. That is the message of people of faith. That is the message of all great religions. And that must be the message delivered and practiced by our public servants if we intend to maintain our leadership role and dignity around the world as well as practice “liberty and justice for all”.

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