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What are other words for love?

What are other words for love?

Love is a warm feeling, and those strong and positive emotions can make even the darkest world fill with glorious hope and light. When one develops a strong attraction and attachment to another, it is love. Love come naturally between a mother and her child or parents and their children. However, love has to be intense between couples so that they can marry for love. It shows when one is in love as they feel everything beautiful around them. Who can forget their first love?

Love can offer different experiences and emotions that run a roller coaster ride in our hearts. One could be yearning for someone or simply have a crush or have a heartbreak. All those experiences may be different but at the root of all of them is love. A human being is a social animal and feels the need to bond and make connections with others. Love is an important emotion that the family thrives on and becomes an important unit of the society.

There are different words for love in different languages and cultures. Some common verbs used for love are desire, admire, cherish, the dream of, adore, fancy or long for. There could be some nouns for love such as amour, passion, fondness, ardor, enchantment, affection, devotion or appreciation. The list could just go on and on. There could be different levels or degree of love. Some words would show a deeper love or a greater passion.

Love is the opposite of hate, and one is always kind to someone they love. You cannot hate someone you are kind to. Human kindness is the foundation of love. Love could be intimate, tender and affectionate. Whenever one is in love, they feel that the world has become rosier. They like to be close to their loved one, hug and cuddle with them, look tenderly at each other or make love. Some other words given by people to express their emotions of love are family, happiness, forever, passion, trust, sweet, romance, friendship, chocolate, marriage, joy, and kisses.

If look at Greeks, they had four distinct words with very different meanings for love. For example, Philia meant brotherly love, Agape was for unconditional love, Storge stood for familial love, and Eros meant sexual love. Portuguese describe the intense longing for a person as Saudade, and for the Japanese, it is Koi No Yokan. Filipino say Gigil for love and the French, it is La douleur exquise. Thus, there may be different words for the emotion of love, but the feeling is the same.

One may start with an attraction that moves on to become love. They might marry and start living with each other. As they live together, their passion may diminish, but the love and bond only get deeper. They feel a lot of gratitude and understand each other better. They thank each other for being their partner, and love for them becomes like an old wine, that only becomes better with time.

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