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Which Lipstick Colors Will Make Your Teeth Look Whiter and beautiful?

Do you hesitate to flash a toothy grin in pics? If yes, your lipstick colour may the reason for that. Because the colour you have chosen to wear makes the teeth appear yellower than they actually are. So, why don’t you rather pick a colour that makes the teeth appear whiter than they actually are?

Even if you drink coffee and tea all day and long and have stains on the teeth, you can still find a right shade of lipstick to hide the discolouration and still flaunt the pearly whites with great confidence. Your lip colour can help you teeth appear whiter and that’s why getting the right lipstick is key for a beautiful smile.

Here are some lipstick colours that will help make your teeth appear whiter and beautiful –

  1. Pinky Nude

A nude lips has to be the most beautiful shade for ladies. Naturally, a lot of women find it the best colour for almost every occasion and day. The pinky nude colour is something you can wear and flaunt in any day and it will always make your teeth look whither and brighter than they actually are.

However, brown or peachy shades of nude are best avoided as they often make the teeth appear more yellow. They won’t help any bit in enhancing the brightness of your teeth. No such issue crops up when you sport a pinky nude which you can also pair with a smoky eye for the night out.

  1. Berry

Dark and bold lipstick shades are actually good when it comes to sporting a beautiful smile. And if they are tried in the winter, they will look even better and fit the occasion perfectly. You can prefer berries and hide any sign of staining on the teeth. And you can try a purple-blue base and achieve a great smile almost immediately.

Berry shades may look to have vampy hues, but they will easily counter the stains on the teeth and fetch you a great smile. You needn’t look for further inspiration if you berry shade as it will ensure whiter and brighter teeth easily.

  1. Blue-based red

Red lips never go out of fashion. You will always find them everywhere, be on the street, in the park, at the theatre. Ladies love to sport a red hue to make a bold statement and it actually works fine all the time. But yes, if you’re not subtle in selection of a right red hue, it might make the teeth look yellowish.

Further, you should avoid trying any orange-tinged shades and rather go with a blue-based red for making the teeth appear whiter and brighter than they actually are. Such a shade will work in all season and the market is always flooded with a great variety of red. So, choose wisely and flaunt your smile.

  1. Cool-toned pink

Ladies should stay away from warm-toned lipsticks as they can bring out yellow tones in the teeth. They can try different variants of pink for makeup and also to sport a good smile. Cool pinks are available in the market that will make the teeth look brighter than they actually are.

It’s also better to avoid an extremely bold lip colour when you can easily try a cool-toned pink lipstick. Such tones are always light on the lip and naturally they will hide away the yellow stains on the teeth to fetch a beautiful smile. Plus, you can try it any day of the week and improve the beauty of smile.

  1. Blue

A full-on blue lipstick should be your best bet to have the teeth appear whiter and brighter than they actually are. This tone works for every season, and you can sport it and flaunt in on any occasion. Plus, a trendy blue lip colour will make you go out of the comfort zone and still achieve that great smile.

The good thing, you can choose either a brighter or deeper blue and the result will always ben encouraging to say the least. The shape won’t affect the beauty of your smile in a negative way. And hopefully it will also say the immediate need to visit best dental clinic for a great smile.

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Praveen Singh is a writer and blogger, and a professional interested in sharing interesting ideas with the world. His blogs give a peek into things that aim to inform, enrich and entertain the readers. He loves sharing views on anything that provides value to the readers and helps broaden their horizon.


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