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White Female Cops Are Shooting Us Now!


Seriously, are white male cops tired of shooting at unarmed black men? They have certainly raised the bar, now white female cops are gunning down black men. I don’t think they will ever get it. Neither do they care to.

Over and over again, unarmed black men are being gunned down, and cops (not all) has no consciousness or sensitivity when confronted with current accusations. There seems to be an absences of remorse and contrition. I really don’t think there was a definitive reason explained for firing at Mr. Crutcher.

It is really disturbing, when ever a suspect commits a crime, police are very vivid, giving up information verbatim. For the most part, they are very clear and precise about the suspect’s crime. But have you noticed, after they’ve gunned down an unarmed black man, somehow the story is foggy, unclear, inconclusive etc.

Crutcher’s sister is calling for an arrest, and she rightfully should do so. The inaccuracies of these cases, one after another is just normal protocol to protect the shield at all cost. This is just what they do and will always continue to do. It is time for us to seriously hold them accountable.

Update:  Tulsa police officer charged in man’s death


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