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It Will Take Purpose, Intention And Confidence To Rebuild Our Hoods.

It Will Take Purpose, Intention And Confidence To Rebuild Our Hoods.

In order for significant change to occur in our African American neighborhoods we have to adopt a visionary mindset for this to happen. This will be rather challenging because the majority of us was raised to be part of a current structure, whether its education, social construct or place of employment. when you are an employee everything is responsive and reactionary.

We are given an assignment and workload, if something goes wrong the blame could be put on the employer that they did not provide the proper resources.  Not having the ample time or the workload is too overwhelming is often the grievances of many. This has caused a disdain for true work ethic and ingenuity. We can get confused with what our employers want with what we want in our communities.

Many complain in all the major cities “hoods” that there is a lack of quality landscaping and homes . Not enough efficient housing for seniors and vets, the high end supermarket and pet stores and clothing outlets are not present. The list goes on and on. The truth is to have the amenities that us African Americans want in all the majors cities like Detroit, Chicago, Cleveland, Memphis, Oakland and others is an aggressive, bold, autonomous mindset of vision and enterprise.

Confidence, intention and purpose are the key elements to fuel a civic revival in our neighborhoods. Confidence is loving the process, seeing blocks of streets riddled with trash and abandoned houses and seeing the transformation take place from an embryonic phase. Success is no accident, it takes purpose focus and intention.

Learn about real estate, how to build and develop, getting the contractors. Learn about all the different private and bank lending options and how to get the proper credit score to make it come into fruition. In my upcoming blogs I will discuss different strategies that can be used to invest in our hoods.

Author, Business Owner, Mentor, and Public Speaker. He is the author of the book, Make An Excuse to Succeed. Anwar’s book is about inspiring and changing the mindset of talented people who are fearful of stepping out and starting their business to be bold and think on their own.
It Will Take Purpose, Intention And Confidence To Rebuild Our Hoods. 2
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