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Black Entrepreneur Spotlight Series





We would greatly appreciate it if you could tell us a little about your company.

We design smart mobile technologies for educational and accessible play. Our award-winning technologies teach STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) subjects. Our product offerings include accessible interfaces and smart toys, social robot coaches, and a suite of educational gaming apps that are specially designed to increase student engagement and motivate children to learn. Zyrobotics was officially incorporated in 2013 as a Georgia Tech Venturelab spin-off company and is now an ATDC member company, one of the world’s top technology incubators.

What was your child hood aspirations?

My childhood aspiration was to be a scientist, or engineer, like the main character in Robert A. Heinlein, … Have Space Suit—Will Travel. Based on the environment I grew up in, I knew that in order to get into the kind of college that would allow me to have that type of career, I would have to teach myself in order to be prepared, so I did.

Can you give our readers a quick answer on business advice ?

There’s a lot about starting a new business that’s uncertain. Don’t let the unknown immobilize you, and be okay with pivoting if your current direction isn’t panning out.

What was your toughest challenge?

The toughest challenge our company faces is ensuring that our message hits the right target – we want to ensure that our products address a societal need without being a niche product. We really work on ensuring our products are accessible, while still being engaging to all children.

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