Men often complain of not being able to understand the women and facing a hard time to please the woman in their life. They often shake their heads in pure bewilderment when it comes to their relationships, be it with their girlfriends, wives or any other relationship with a woman. They often have no clue as to what went wrong. Well, you cannot blame either, as they say, men are from Mars and women from Venus. Both are different. However, things can get a lot simpler and better if the men made a little effort.

Here is some of the best relationship advice for men.

  • First things first, get to know her really well!

Unfortunately, most men do not pay attention and make the wrong start from the very beginning. They just want things to run smooth. However, the women are always on a high alert and lose interest in a man who is simply thinking of going straight to bed. So, go slow and steady if you are looking forward to a sweet and serious relationship.

  • Never take your woman for granted

Now that you have got her on your right side, you should still never take your relationship or her for granted. Keep up the hard work. She may not say things at times that you want to hear or do what you would like her to do. Do your bit in housekeeping and make her feel important.

  • Don’t take any decisions without consulting her

Most men think that they know better or the decision they are about to take doesn’t concern her. Well, it is going to be suicidal for your relationship. No matter how big or small the decision is, it is always very important to take her into confidence and discuss the options together. You may end up doing things your way, but your partner would be all smiling and happy.

  • Do not let go of the romance

Agreed that your relationship or marriage is a couple of years old, but still, you need to prove that you are as Romantic as ever. Do not let the physical intimacy or emotional intimacy fizzle pout of the relationship. Pull out the chair for her, wait at the car door or leave her a love note sometimes, to show that you still love her a lot and even more.

  • Communication is critical

Listen to the woman in your life with interest and patiently. Women hate it when their partner is just nodding his head absent-mindedly. She comes to know when you are actually listening and or just following her off. Research shows that the most successful relationships and marriages are when couple listen to each other and try to look at things from their perspectives.

  • Always protect her and respect her

As a man, your first and foremost duty is to show your wife or girlfriend that you are always there for her, and whenever she needs you. Respect her and throw all your chivalry out of the window. Treat your woman with respect and be a thorough gentleman with her.6 RELATIONSHIP TIPS FOR MEN

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