Engaging in memorable events with a bachelorette not only breaks the boredom but also strengthens your connection. Understanding her hobbies and interests can help you decide party activities you can actively participate together. For example, if she averts from alcoholic parties, then here are excellent party alternatives you can indulge.


If she is a sports fanatic, never hesitate to get a ticket for her to join fellow girls to enjoy the event. She can engage in watching football, basketball, rugby, skating, car racing, and volleyball among others. She can choose to watch or participate depending on the type of the event. Incorporating sportswear will make the encounter exceptional.

Music party

Other than listening music in the house, take her to live music performances. Note the upcoming music festivals within your area and access the ticket. In many weekends and holidays, there are live bands and music artists performing in your neighborhood. Before, you plan for the music festivals, understand her favorite music. It can be reggae, rock, pop or jazz depending on her priority. To make the music outing enjoyable, ensure her favorite songs are in the playlist.

Food festival

If the bachelorette is a food lover, think of taking her to a cooking competition. Apart from learning new cooking skills, she will enjoy company and socialization with other participants. Thereafter, you can order your favorite dishes for dinner. Similarly, you can visit various restaurants to explore more about emerging and existing dishes for fun.


If she has passion in creative arts, then enroll her in such showcases. You can help her join other painters and graphic designers to create appealing pictures, statues, and portraits. You can visit museums and national archives together to explore more features that are artistic. Thus, you can try these 4 fun bachelorette party alternatives for fun

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