There is nothing that is such a mood killer like preparing in your mind what to cook only to find you do not have the ingredients or they are spoilt. To avoid such a scenario and ensure that you have an easy time while you prepare your meals or snacks, below are five ways that will lengthen the life of your vegetables and fruits.

  1. Use tin foil to wrap broccoli, lettuce, and celery to store in the Fridge

If you want these veggies to remain fresh and crisp for up to four weeks, then tin foil will do the magic for you.

  1. Store Tomatoes in Paper Bags, not Plastic Bags

Storing tomatoes in plastic bags makes them ripen faster because of the trapped ethylene. Paper bags help to slow down the ripening process. If you want the tomatoes to ripen more quickly, you can store them with other fruits.

  1. Use Mason Jars

Mason jars are a better alternative as they are long lasting compared to plastic jars which could be unhealthy because they stain easily. Mason jars are therefore better and will keep your fruits and vegetables safer and for longer.

  1. Wrap the Crown of Bananas with a plastic wrap

Bananas have a lot of benefits to the human body which makes them an essential household item. The plastic cover helps them to stay longer and fresh for up to five days. It is also best to keep bananas away from other fruits as they produce more ethylene gas.

  1. Store Berries in a Water and Vinegar Solution

Berries are sweet and can be used as a snack or for salad preparations. To lengthen their lifespan, keep them in a vinegar solution that consists of ten parts water and one part vinegar. This solution will make strawberries fresh for weeks on end, and raspberries will be good for a week.

With these solutions, most of your day to day vegetables will be safe to consume for at least one week. Most essentially, remember to clean your fridge regularly because that is where most groceries are stored and need a clean storage area.

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