My Black People “Let’s Start Working Together In 2021

Trust me. I know as a race, there are some of us that are working and networking with together, but not as nearly enough. It is imperative that we start pulling all of our resources, talents, strenths and expertise together as one. We must start our own businesses and help lean on each other for morale and financial support. It is time we start building entities for our children and our children’s children. We as a race is just as intelligent as any other race in this world. Let’s start a business and begin to compete with other businesses, small or large. Time is passing us by.

Life Insurance

Signing up for Life Insurance for your children is very important. You may say how does Life Insurance pertains to working together and owning your own business. I will explain. As a single father of young men. I signed up for Life Insurance a while back. ( I understand it is uncomfortable talking about death, but it is mandatory, you owe it to your children and love ones)

If I were to pass away tomorrow, (knock on wood) the Life Insurance that I have set up for my children will finance my funneral arraingments and leave them a substanial amount of currency/money behind. The thousands of dollars that my children will recieve from my life insurance policy can help them in many ways. They can take that money and start a business or invest in stocks. My first goal was to raise my sons to be good men and to positively contribute to society. My second goal is to leave them with wealth. This is what I live for. Life Insurance is not expensive. I pay at least $21 a month. If you like more information. You can email us at info

Getting into the game

My black people, In order to have a chance to win. We must get into the game of business. I understand this is not new information, but twice last week, I ran into a couple of people that were starting their own businesses or they had an established business.

I recently started a part time job to fund my business. During my training. My trainer Patrick and I talked about the job duties and procedures. That discussion transitioned into our upbringing as well as our family and friends. Patrick stated that he has worked for the company for 12 years and that he also has a pool cleaning business that he has owned for years. Patrick said “My whole family individually own their businesses.” His mother, brother cousins etc. My first thought, we as black people (including myself) should look at business as the same as others.

Three days later, I was in the autoshop for an oil change. As I sat and chatted with a friend on facebook, I overheard someone explaining to the auto shop manager . He expressed he will be opening up a nurition business. I instantly thought about my trainer Patrick. SMH! I am currently struggling with this thought. We shoud be doing the same or even better. We must change our mindset and begin to compete with the rest of the world. There is nothing that we as a people can’t do. We must trust in each other, confide with each other, uplift each other and most of all love each other. We must have faith, for the betterment of the black race and the next generation.

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