New Book “Celebrates the Gentle Strength of a Woman”

Celebrates the Gentle Strength of a Woman

 By Brittany Bailey

As women, we are often taught to compete against one another at an early age.

We want the longer hair, the husband with the best job, the better car, and the list goes on and on.

Women often have to work harder at their jobs to prove that they are just as good as everyone else. Today’s society has also showed us that as a young lady, you are automatically put into a certain category of “not being good or strong enough.”

When you constantly see and hear the same things over and over, it becomes hard to get up and motivate yourself. A new writer is determined to change the way that women see themselves and each other. Her name is Deagria Level and she is the author of the memoir,  No Weapon! My Journey to Win.

I had the opportunity to interview Ms. Level about women’s empowerment and why it is so important for women to inspire each other. Let’s see what she had to say!

Brittany: What inspired you to write this memoir?

Deagria: So what inspired me to write my personal memoir was the feeling and strong belief of knowing that I had a powerful and inspirational story to tell. I knew deep down that the experiences that I faced needed to be shared with the world.

Brittany: Did personal experiences make it easier or harder for you  to write your memoir?

 Deagria: The personal experiences made it easier to write my memoir. I didn’t have to color or reach for experiences. I wrote from a place of truth.

Brittany: You write about your personal and professional life in the book. Do you think women have it harder than men when it comes to building a career?

Deagria: I feel like women have a harder time building their careers due to the fact that they must learn to balance work, life, and family. Many times, we may feel the need to postpone opportunities that may come our way for the benefit of raising children and supporting our families.

Brittany: Sometimes in the process of balancing life, women may feel insecure. What tips would you give to women battling insecurities within?

 Deagria: There are many tips I would share and give other  women. I would say learn to love yourself and learn to love yourself early on in life. Additionally, gain all of the information that you can, tap into social capital, ask for help when you need it and surround yourself with people who celebrate you and want to see you win.

Most importantly, be gentle with your spirit and don’t hold on to negative experiences too long. Lastly, walk into your calling. You should do/work a job and have a career you love, eventually the money will follow youThe more women understand this, the less insecure they will be.

 Brittany: Thank you Ms. Deagria Level for your time and for sharing this information with us.



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