Our Journey (San Ignacio Belize) Bring Your Patience

Well it’s been a full week here in San Ignacio Belize, and according to our 10 months of reasearch everything is as advertised. We would like to give a special thanks to our angel expat Jennifer. She has helped us out tremendously. We met Jennifer on her facebook group (melanin to melanin black to black communication in Belize) once again, thanks Jennifer.

Our first week here in San Ignacio Belize has been a beautiful and humbling experience. Although resources and distractions are not as plentiful as the United States, the people are very polite, respectful and gracious. So we would like to thank the people of San Ignacio for their gratitude and kindess.


Bring Your Patience Please (Cell phone Store)

The lifestyle here in Belize, San Ignacio in particular, are a lot slower than living in the United States. Let’s just say, things get done here, but at a much slower pace.

We decided to go to BTL ( Belize Telemedia Limited) and purchased an alcatel Link Zone Mifi by Digicell. This will ensue a backup in case our wifi shuts down. So once arriving at BTL, we noticed a few people waiting in line.  There was one customer service person and on the other side of the room there was a custumer/support agent.

To make a long story short, we waited about 45 minutes, so we decided to get a bite for lunch. Forty minutes later we decided to stop by BTL again, this time we were in line behind only two people. I think we left twenty five minutes later. Bring Your Patience.

Bring Your Patience (Apartment Hunting)

After renting out an airbnb, we decided to search for places to rent. We wanted to find something to rent out long term so we wasted very little time getting started.

Our appointment was at 5:00pm, John Doe ( to remain nameless) was going to meet and give us a tour of the apartment. Let’s just say after 5:45 pm. We get a text saying John Doe could not make it. Again, just accept that this is the way of life here, so get use to it.

Bring Your Patience (Restaurants/Dining)

Tami and I decided to splurge a little on our first week in San Ignacio. We visited some of the most well known, referred dining places here in the village. The service and politeness we’ve endured has been a very delight experience.

When ordering food here in San Ignacio, it may take 20 t0 25 minutes before receiving your entree/main course. In the United States it may take only 10 to 15 minutes before receiving your entree/main course. Please Bring Your Patience.

Adjusting a different lifestyle takes a lot of time and patience. Tami and I didn’t mind waiting the extra time. We support and respect other cultures and ethnicities. Everyone from Digicell , to the apartment guy and the local restaurants were so polite and courteous, we really didn’t have an issue with waiting. To be honest, it gave us a chance to chat and meet the locals.

If you are coming from the states or any other faster pace country, please be patient. In the states people seem to be running a 100 miles an hour to nowhere. When moving or visiting Belize, try to have a different mindset. Relax and take it easy, you may discover the value of a slower paced life without the anxiety of the everyday hussle and bussle.

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