The challenges of African Americans in Nigeria

If you’re an African-American, and you find yourself in Nigeria, it comes with a lot of challenges. Although you have the same black skin, but there is a difference between you and Nigerians because your lifestyle is different from theirs. Aside from that, they view you as someone whose status is above theirs, and it is even more challenging when you speak British or American English which is entirely different from the Nigerian English they speak. The popular name they use in describing African-American is “oyinbo” which means white person, so there is this special treatment you get from them.

As someone who speaks and thinks in another dimension that is entirely different from their thinking, areas where you can easily blend is Southwest Nigeria mostly dominated by the Yoruba ethnic group. Then, Southeast is also good due to the peace you will find there and also in the Southwest. South-south is also good, but there is too much kidnapping which makes it insecure, however, there is a big challenge in the Northern part as they speak their native dialect. From a general perspective, these are the challenges you will find in Nigeria as an African-American.


The English speaking part of Nigeria do not speak native English language, although you’ll be able to communicate with them, but you may just need to come down to their level. If you want to communicate better, ensure that you do not speak much phonetic as they may not hear you well. If you harbor any hope of visiting Nigeria soon, one thing you should keep in mind is the mode of communication. However, it is ideal to learn how to speak broken English which is mostly known as “pidgin” because; everyone and even an illiterate person can communicate with you through it.

Fraudulent Act

When they realize that you cannot communicate fluently with them or hardly do you understand their language; they tend to extort you in every way they can. It is no longer a news story that Nigeria is one of the most fraudulent nations if not number one. It is not only on the international level, even in their country, foreigners are being swindled through fraudulent acts. Keep your head high and try not to act naive, ask questions from those you’re staying with. If it is the case, you’re staying in a hotel, interact with the attendants, and tip them if possible. They’ll give you the necessary info.


In as much as we are all trying to combat racism all over the world, my view is that it can only be reduced to a minimal level. Even though you have black skin, the fact is that you do not understand their culture even if one of your parents was from Nigeria. So there is a kind of discrimination that term one as a bastard even if such an individual has the heritage of Nigeria. Even if you do not, the inferiority complex tends to set in; be prepared for this challenge.

Hostile Climate

It is not like the cool and cozy weather you’re used to. The weather in Nigeria is hot and cold; the atmosphere is full of mosquitoes, deadly animals like snake, scorpion, and many more. Their food and water will react differently in your body, upon your arrival; take more of hot food and cold water for easy adaptation.

However, despite all these mentioned, Nigeria is a cool place to live if you meet the right set of people who will help you settle down. Every country has its challenges no matter how beautiful it might look from the outside, Nigeria isn’t exempted, but it is a country filled with an adventure if you want to explore. However, do it with a native Nigerian for protection against harm as you do not know their laws.


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