Tips for Organising a Business Party

Tips for Organising a Business Party

Employees are the beating heart of the company, and fostering an environment in which they can thrive is key to building a successful business. A relaxed atmosphere, positive reinforcement, and open communication are just some of the characteristics of fun and inspiring workplace. Other than creating a positive work environment, another thing that can help you go from a good boss to an awesome one is organising business parties. They give your employees a chance to relax, have fun, and build valuable relationships with their peers, while also giving them a significant motivation boost. Now, organising a corporate event involves a lot of decision-making, so to help get you started, we’re giving you six tips for organising a business party successfully and sans stress.

Start with the event planning as soon as possible

Organising a business party involves a lot of waiting for all the different responses and confirmations of reservations, so you might as well start preparing beforehand. While some events can take up to a month to plan out, others can be organised in a few days. Of course, the size of the party will largely determine how much time you’ve got to finalise the preparations. The last thing you want is dealing with issues on the day of the event which will only add to the stress. Therefore, do your best to simplify the party planning process and start preparing early.

Create a to-do list

Lists can be of major help when it comes to planning a corporate party. The first two things to cross off the checklist are food and beverages. Select the menu that’s in line with the atmosphere you’re trying to create. In case of a cocktail party, you’ll need to order your drinks beforehand. You could order gin online and have it delivered to save some time in the process. You’ll also need to provide entertainment for the guests such as live bands or a DJ and design and decorate the venue accordingly. Finally, consider the transportation options and make sure there are enough parking spaces for the guests.

Select the time and date for your party

The next tip has to do with the promotion of the event. Organisers usually wait until 4 to 8 weeks before they spread the word, but you can also choose to add an element of surprise and send out invitations one day prior to the event. Select the time and date that seems the best for throwing a party and be sure to schedule it when there are no holidays or some other events your employees will be attending. You can also create a poll with a few possible dates for the event and let your employees vote via email.

Decide on the budget for the event

Setting the budget is one of the most important items on your to-do list, and you want to tackle it before booking venues or signing contracts. Think about the ways you can pay for the event and consider the sponsors that could fund it. Also, consider all the licenses and permits you’ll need to get, and put them on your list of expenses. The costs can easily start to add up, so you need to make sure that the expenses do not exceed your event budget.

Choose a party venue

When it comes to choosing the venue, there are several things you should have in mind. First, consider your guest list and make sure it’s in line with the venue’s capacity. Next, think about its location and whether you’ll need to organise transport or accommodation for the guests. Finally, you’ll have to see whether the venue provides audio-visual equipment or if you need to bring it yourself. If you provide the venue with multiple date options, you can negotiate with them and might even get a discount.

Create a team that will help you out

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