Top 10 online Businesses That Are Making A Name For Themselves

Online businesses have transformed the world we live in today. Due to both the growing mobile penetration and developments in technology, online businesses are able to be beneficial.

In a way, online businesses that have a purpose are disruptive. Through their underlying innovative nature, businesses come up with interesting and practical solutions for the consumer. It is these businesses which are effective. However, it is worth noting that a business cannot be effective in the long run if it doesn’t have a far-fetching vision.

Perusing the top businesses that are making a name for themselves in the market is important. Individuals looking for entrepreneurial inspiration and insights should definitely have a look at this list.


Flipkart is an ecommerce marketplace that started back in 2007. It was founded by Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal. The two brothers initially focused on selling books through the platform. Later on, the business also expanded to other product categories.

Due to the growing popularity of Flipkart, one year into the business the ecommerce site received about a hundred orders a day. Ten years after its conception, Flipkart managed to earn a revenue of US$3.0 billion.

The success of Flipkart can be attributed to the fact that the brothers grabbed the opportunity at the right time.


Storenvy is an ecommerce platform launched in 2010. The founder of this online business is Jon Crawford. Storenvy is a combination of both a custom online store builder and a social marketplace. This ecommerce platform successfully managed to introduce and implement the marketplace concept in San Francisco. Since the business understands the retailer’s needs, it is able to serve them well. Launching a beautiful ecommerce site was made easy with the use of Storenvy.

Entrepreneurs who wish their store is worth envying should certainly have a look at Storenvy.


Zola is a wedding planning and registry site that was founded in 2013. This company based in New York is an interesting organization to look at. The company is committed to making the wedding experience more pleasant for the couple. They guide couples from the engagement to the marriage and beyond with the use of technology. With its efficient design and ease of use, Zola has managed to be a disruption in the wedding planning and registry industry.

Zola has found just the right use of technology in the making planning more effective.


Viralstyle makes it easier to start your own custom apparel company. This business is based in Florida and was founded back in 2014. The business facilitates anyone with an entrepreneurial extinct to create a design and sell it on the platform. Whether it be a shirt or a keychain, with Viralstyle everything can be designed, sold and marketed through the platform. The usage of social commerce and crowdfunding elements has proven beneficial for the firm in question.

The attention Viralstyle pays to custom products, and social commerce has benefitted it greatly.


Zumper is a business that facilitates people in finding a rental apartment. It was founded in 2011. While finding an apartment is often a very worrying prospect, Zumper has found a way to make the experience better for individuals. Now, all that needs to be done to find an apartment is use Zumper.  This new real estate platform has found a sweet spot in the internet world. Not only is appreciated by customers but it is also appreciated by the press.

Zumper also works on the principle of making life easier for the customer.


Slack is a revolutionary internal messaging application that has changed the way the workplace communicates. It is based in California. The business provides an effective way to improve team communication. While Slack was launched in 2014, it has maintained heavy growth throughout the years. The company has been true to its word and has helped people communicate better.

Understanding the needs of the workplace and offering a solution has brought a lot of fame to Slack.


Jet is a smart shopping platform founded in 2014. The President of this firm is Simon Belsham. This online business allows consumers to buy across different brands in different product categories. The discounts offered on this site make it appealing to consumers, and it follows a subscription business model. Based in New Jersey, this online business has made a name for itself by offering the consumer a wide array of goods.

Jet offered consumers a smarter way to shop.

Hollar: the online dollar store

Hollar was founded in California in 2015. This online business successfully brought the dollar store concept online. It is essentially the first discount online store for an assortment of goods.  The founder saw a gap in the market and filled it through Hollar. The business identified a target audience and began serving it.


Grab is a Singapore-based technology company that currently operates in eight countries across the world. One of the main services offered by Grab includes GrabTaxi. The founder Anthony Tan and Tan Hooi Ling met with their friends and identified how getting a taxi was troublesome in Singapore. The meeting eventually led to the creation of GrabTaxi. In 2012, Anthony took the initiative and started the firm to make it easier to travel. Now GrabTaxi has the largest network of taxis in Singapore.

At the heart of the concept of GrabTaxi is a commitment to make life easier for the community.

Though some might argue that bringing a dollar store online is a bad idea, Hollar proved otherwise.

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Top 10 online Businesses That Are Making A Name For Themselves

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