5 Types Of Community Service

Most people do not realize but the only way to find true happiness is by giving back to your community or society.   People remain busy, confined by their narrow views and selfish living. There are very few who think beyond their family and homes and focus outside of their community.yccosp-2016-billboard-600x400

There are some ways to fulfill your community service requirements and make a difference in the society that you are living in. Here are some great ideas to find an exciting community service opportunity.

The Volunteers

Most communities have something or the other coming up. Keep an eye on such events and opportunities. You caudal easily volunteer at a food bank, food pantry, or soup kitchen. Such events are always looking for free help to those who are less fortunate. There are countless who are homeless and unemployed or are struggling financially. Spend your time volunteering at the local charity or food pantry or feed the homeless. You are sure to feel your heart filled with war them, peace and happiness.

The Animals

The animals depend on us for their living, and there are plenty of weak, sick and old animal living in shelters. Animal shelters are always in need of service providers who can help with the daily chores such as answering phones, cleaning cages or making holiday decorations. Contact a local shelter and ask if you can serve as a volunteer coordinator and help them accordingly. Help them coordinate to find a permanent home for an animal. If you love animals, spending some time at animal shelters is going to be the best thing for you.

The Seniors

There are seniors and old people living in every community who need looking after. Explore the senior center or private nursing homes in your area to learn about the services needed. Even a small amount of time spent with the seniors can make a huge difference. You could chat with them, read them newspapers or offer manicures to elderly women. You could even teach them how to use computers and mobiles so that they feel confident. Shoveling snow or raking leaves for a senior citizen is a big help for them. This is the best way to offer some meaningful community service hours.

The Environment

The environment we live in is important, and pollution, and global warming are already destroying it.  Help your community “go green”. You could easily organize an event and plant some trees in your neighborhood or create a garden. Of course, you need to seek permission from the municipal corporation. Teach your family, fronds and school children the importance of sign energy and water. Swath off the lights when you leave room and place the computers and other electronic devices in sleep mode when not in use.

The Charity Work

Every charity organization welcome funds to turn their operations. You can organize an event to raise money for charity, and there are s any number of things you can do. For example, you could organize a neighborhood garage sale, run a bake sale with the help of your family or friends or collect donations for cancer patients. All you need to do is be creative and look for innovative ideas to gather funds for charity.

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