6 Early Signs of Pregnancy

Tender Breast

Suddenly putting on your bra every morning is more of a challenge than usual. You ‘ve noticed your Ta Ta’s are getting bigger and fuller, appearances of discoloration of your veins and skin. Buying a larger bra perhaps will ease a lot of discomfort.


What happened to your energy? This often happens in your first trimester. Household chores and tasks maybe an uphill climb, fatigue sets in before you even finish the job. Taking more frequent breaks in a less amount of time can be a bit overwhelming. This is caused by increasing hormones in your body.


Your appetite for different types of foods has suddenly changed. For example, that favorite food that you love so much all of a sudden turns your stomach, and that liver and onion meal that you at one time despised, is one of your favorite meals and you find yourself craving it all the time. Your experience in different tastes for different foods may appear for the first time.

Strong Smell

Repulsive orders that are a turnoff can also be a sign of pregnancy. When it comes to different orders and smells your sensitivity has increased. Depending on your environment your sense of smell can been heightened.


Can be caused by low blood sugar or low blood pressure. Make sure you drink a lot of fluids and eat enough in order to avoid dehydration.

Your Period Is Late

This is probably one of the biggest tell tell sign that you maybe expecting. One of the symptoms of PMS, is that your cycle is always regular every month , but this time it is late. You should consult your physician and schedule an appointment for more clarity.

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